Hacking Life: Target Pick-Up Experience

Target Pick-Up Experience

by Melodie Haas

A few months ago, I decided to try Target Pick-Up and I thought it was great! But first, let me explain about my online ordering experience.

Product Delivery Experience

I buy a lot of Tazo Chai Tea to make my Venti Chai Tea Latte. I usually order it in 32 ounce box. The only two stores I found that carry it at a decent price are Target and Walmart.

Ordering this product online feels much like gambling—which I don’t do! Sometimes the orders would be delivered as they should be in a big zip lock bag and then wrapped with bubble wrap. However, most of the time, the deliveries from both Target and Walmart were a mess and were a big disappointment.

Last week, I tried them again. It was another huge disappointment. They put 6 Chai teas that are 32 ounces in with chips. No Ziploc bag and no bubble wrap. They also put it in with chips. It was a mess!!! I wasn’t feeling well and that’s why I decided to give them one last delivery try with the chai tea latte which ended up being an epic fail.

Target Pick-Up Experience

The last few months I have used Target Pick-Up and it has been a great experience!

I wish they would have a drive thru at the Target I go to, but they don’t think they will due to the mall. I order something online and then get an email when it’s ready for pickup. At that time, it will also show me what was filled and not filled.

If Target doesn’t have everything you wanted, you can always cancel the order without wasting a trip. I also really appreciate being able to order other items and pick it up all at the same time.

For instance one time I ordered the Tazo Chai Tea. Then I put in another pick up order for chips that I wanted. Another great aspect of Target’s order pickup are their bags. They are the best bags which I can re-use in other stores!

Tips for using Target Pick-Up

You need an ID to pick up the items. Double check everything and then check again! Use your red card to get a better price. However, it doesn’t have to be shown when you pick up your items. If you are out, you can use the Target app to order stuff for pick up. Make sure you are either double check your order through the app or email. They do not print it out at the store.

Have you tried the Target pick-up? Or Kohls or Walmart? What do you think?


About the Author

Melodie Haas is a retired Veteran who loves Jesus. She is attending Liberty University online MAIS.

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