Spunky Tales: Springtime with Spunky Doodle

Spunky Tales: Springtime with Spunky Doodle

by Linda Suit

Spring has sprung. Now nobody knows what time it is. Do you fall forward and spring back? Our atomic clocks said it was four hours earlier than they were supposed to, the bedroom clocks were one time, kitchen clocks another, puter said another. Poor Jerry Boy was really confuzzled. He sprung back so he was two hours off. Mommy tried to tell him, but he just looked at her kinda funny.

The goaties were not amused. They want to eat when THEIR clock says it's time, and they are always hungry. Jazzy is the choir director. If Jerry Boy is a few minutes late she starts tuning up and the others soon join in the chorus, and trust me, it's a little off key but they are LOUD. Jazzy is the loudest, Juliet sounds like an injured bull, Romeo is the tenor of the bunch. Miss LLL usually doesn't sing. I think she's the smartest cause she knows she will get fed anyway. I don't like this time, I go to bed when it's dark fifteen, I don't even wait for dark thirty...or I take naps whenever I want.

I'm still considering careers. I love flowers as you all know, so I thought about flower arranging. There's just one teeny weeny problem...I EAT EM ALL! Mommy said I could help with these but by the time I got finished, well let's just say I thinned them out a widdle bit. I was very careful of the vase though. She warned me that it's one of her favorites. I kinda sorta broke one of her vases when I was a tiny tot but she finally forgave me. So, whatcha think, can I overcome my flower eating compulsion and make any $$$ in the business? Or, should I just be a flower child? Hmm, so many things for a wee Doodle to think about. Mommy came in and I had flowers all over the floor in the dining room, trying to figure out how I wanted to fix them.

What? You don't like them like that? Hmmph. Criticism will get you nowhere with me, Mommy. There is another pot of flowers in there that I have been working on too but I'm not quite finished tweaking this one yet. I'll get it right. In between flower arranging I've been hiding and seeking nuts again cause all this work makes me hungry. Mommy turned around in her office and I popped out of a bag. Boo! Don't even look in there cause I hid something and it's mine! Anybody want me to come to your house and arrange your flowers just let me know. I work for peanuts.

What does it mean when you have spring fever? Oh I think it means you get to take lots of naps, so I'll be sure to practice my sleeping a lot.

Where's my breakfast? What? I have to cook my own? Okie dokie, gimme a biscuit then! Where's the gooey stuff to put in the middle? Nah, too messy, I'll just eat it plain. I'll just sit right here and not make a big mess. What a good girl I am. Scruff E. Doodle makes a huge mess outside the door, speaking of which, I was standing there minding my own business and she walks up and stares at me through the sliding glass door. No, you cannot come in here! I stood up on my back legs and made myself as tall as I could and gave her the stink eye so she would back off and know who's boss. Right Mommy? Besides, she has an ugly tail. Mine is all soft and bushy tailed cause I'm bee-u-tee-ful.

Mommy and Jerry Boy planted some stuff in the garden so I should have fresh veggies soon. I can't wait! I hope the outdoor Doodles don't get them first.

You know I like to stay in the kitchen when they are having dinner, right? So, there was this big ole dish of watermelon, all cut up (actually I prefer the seeds, but hey I'm not picky). So, I sat there behaving my widdle self as long as I could stand it. In the blink of an eye I ran across the table, reached in with my head & snagged a piece of watermelon in my toofies, jumped on the back of the chair and proceeded to have some of my dinner right there. Jerry Boy kinda looked at me funny and Mommy said, well she did only touch one piece and she took that piece so we're good right? Well that's cute, but not the funny part. I got juice all over my hands & of course wiped it off on Mommy's shirt. Then I ran up and over the TV, jumped on the windowsill at a dead run, missed my turn, and...FELL IN A PAN OF WATER IN THE SINK! I HATE WATER! I was gasping and splashing and looking kinda like a drowned rat...er...Doodle.

Mommy jumped up, Jerry Boy is falling outta his chair he's laughing so hard (I'll remember that buddy). By the time Mommy got to me I was out of the water and shaking it EVERYWHERE! Would ya look at this tail? W.E.T. Ick!! I do not like baths and I do not know how this happened, but I'm telling ya, it will NOT happen again...so this morning when Mommy let me out, I ran to the counter and slowed waaaaay down, peered over to look in the sink before I jumped on the windowsill. Nope, no water, I'm good. So, the moral of the story...well I don't have one, except if you're a Doodle and live in the house, steer clear of waterfilled bowls in the sink. It's just downright skeery!

Mommy had to go back to work so I decided to go with her. I took my snack with me. I can't let it go cause Mommy might hide it from me. Mommy, you don't even eat these, so leave em alone, ok, they're mine! Well, I hung out so long on top of her shelf I got tired, so I had to take a little snooze. I didn't drop my nut though. Hey, can you see my toofies in the picture with the nut?

We have a baby bunny wabbit that lives with its Mommy under the goatie house. It is so cute. There may be more, but we only saw one so far. Of course Mommy is feeding its Mommy. It must be the Easter Bunny!

Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter, and I'll see ya next month. Don't eat too much candy, ya hear?


Spunky Doodle Doodleville, USA


About the Author

Linda Suit is a city girl turned country. A travel agent by trade, she and her husband, Jerry, live in rural Arkansas with their animals including an amazing pet squirrel, Spunky Doodle. Spunky has brightened the lives of many with her stories. She is quite a character and definitely lives up to her name of Spunky.

Linda has traveled the world. Her passion for missions comes alive in her stories from remote areas. She will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings.

Come along and share the adventures. It has been an amazing journey. You can learn more about Linda on Facebook and on Twitter.

You can read Linda’s “Spunky Tales” column on the 2nd Saturday each month here at Pandora’s Box Gazette.

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