Mom-Preneur Life: What if God Were One of Us?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

What if God Were One of Us?

by Samantha Davis

This is an age old question that has been posed many times, in many forms. What does it actually mean? Why would a question be posed in this manner? The bible states that man was created in God’s image. But more so, why would we compare the Lord, our savior, to that of a mere human being who is full of sinful nature? The bible also says that we can rise. Those who believe will have everlasting love and life!

Most of us try to be the best that we can be. To be good, work hard, to be kind, and to avoid an evil and sinful nature. Most of us yearn for a higher plane. We feel a deeper calling; a greater sense of being. We were made in his image.

What exactly does that mean? We were made in his likeness; what if it meant more? We can become greater beings. The potential lies dormant within us, and some have yet to find the way to reach it.

Now I pose this question in reverse…

What if we were one of God?

What does this question mean? Your interpretation depends on how you perceive the possible answer. I will argue that we are one of God. When we became believers of Christ (Christians) and chose to accept Jesus into our hearts, we became men and women of the cloth. I ask this question on a deep, spiritual level.

How does one become one of God? Well, the power is already within us. We’ve possessed it since birth. Once one has accepted Christ into their hearts, they become a being of the Lord. But you need to do more in order to tap into that power.

We need to work and worship. After step one is complete (accepting Jesus), step two needs to be continuously done (learning the will of God and working towards Him). This part is crucial. Learning and practicing our faith will bring us closer to Him. But it is also important to know yourself and have a strong mind and positive heart.

The next part is a focal point.

In order to truly be one of God, we must take better care of our vessel. This is important for receiving God; the learning process and to be able to diligently perform His tasks and will.

In order to have a good vessel, we must put good in, take care of our bodies, refrain from poisons (drugs), and minimize stress and temperaments. The saying you are what you eat is true. If we eat badly, our bodies are negatively impacted. It will be harder to function at full capacity. Our bodies need to be strong to help support and feed our growing spirituality and to act on his divine plan.

It is vital to have a healthy mind and soul. Having a healthy mind is the most important part on this journey. We must be at peace with ourselves, be calm minded, stay level headed in tough situations, and be open minded to listen and learn. Keep negativity at bay. Remove negative thoughts quickly, distance yourself from negative people because they will infect your like a disease.

We must work on our spirituality. None of this will come overnight. The journey with Christ is just that, a journey. It’s a process. We must do things to help keep our spirits strong and in-tune with God. Remain calm and positive. Things that facilitate this are yoga, meditation, and most importantly PRAYER! All of these things help to strengthen the spirit.

We must eat the word of God, and the power within us shall be released!


About the Author

My name is Samantha. I am a woman of many hats. I am a mother, blogger and vlogger, freelance writer, and entrepreneur. Writing has always been a passion of mine, since about the 4th grade. If I’m not working or typing away, I am busy with my 3 year old boy who keeps me on my toes.

My favorite phrase is, ‘who needs cardio when you have a toddler’! Health and wellness are not only hobbies of mine, but have become a way of life. Changing my mentality and habits have greatly changed my life for the better. I aspire to help others who may be struggling in similar areas to do the same which is why I started my blog and business. Everyone can achieve success, no matter what that definition is, and feel great while doing it!

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