MSS On Point: Crowdfunding Event for Finally Family Homes

Crowdfunding Event for Finally Family Homes

Mustard Seed Sentinel loves highlighting organizations like Finally Family Homes that are doing good things to help others today. This great organization helps foster kids who are considered “too old to adopt,” as well as those who have fallen through the cracks in the system. In addition to housing these kids, they provide them with love and mentoring so they have a stable environment to grow and mature.

We featured Finally Family Homes at our magazine on March 2, 2019. You can read more about the severe homeless crisis in Los Angeles County, the founders of the organization—Eric and Christina Dronen—how they help foster kids, and how you can give to their organization.

Crowdfunding Event on CrowdRise

Finally Family Homes is hosting a crowdfunding event on CrowdRise. The fundraiser will run from May 15th through June 1st. The organization hopes to raise $35,000 to pay for expenses for a transitional home to house up to six foster youth for one year. For more details on the crowdfunding event, visit this link: Finally Family Homes CrowdRise Event.

The money raised in this fundraiser would help cover everything related to living expenses such as furniture, linens, rent, bills, dishes, transportation, etc. This transitional housing program is geared for foster youth who are aging out or those who are emancipated from foster care and at high risk or those who are already homeless.

About the Transitional Home

We understand that when you give to an organization, you want to know all the details and find out more information about what the money that’s raised will be used for. You can visit the Finally Family Homes blog to learn more about how they plan to open a transitional home. You can learn more about what the property will look like, how they will grow to support more youth in the future, how it will be funded, and what you can do to help their organization right now.

Teaching Life Skills

Part of the nurturing of these foster youths will involve an educational plan that will teach them life skills during their stay in the transitional home. You can review this educational plan on their website. You can learn more details on their first six months in the transitional housing program which will include the topics in the following areas:

  • 1st Month – Essential Logistics

  • 2nd Month – Essential Health

  • 3rd Month – Educational Support

  • 4th Month – Financial Management

  • 5th Month – Social Emotional Management

  • 6th Month – Other Skills for Living Well

  • 18 Months Growth Program

In the 18 month growth program, they will learn about emergency preparedness, personal safety, driving, technology education, meal planning and cooking, time management, camping and boondocking, sports basics, advanced social skills, gardening, advanced money management, house maintenance and construction, art basics, and ecology and connecting globally.

To find out more about this educational program for the youth in this transitional housing program—such as the 6 months mentoring and 6 months preparing to move out—visit their website at this link.

Connect with Finally Family Homes

We encourage you to connect with Finally Family Homes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you have been helped by Finally Family Homes, we'd love to hear your story. Feel free to comment below. You can also comment to ask questions to the organization.

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