Hacking Life: What Do You Do When Your Heart is Broken?

What Do You Do When Your Heart is Broken?

by Melodie Haas

Recently, I was told by someone really close to me that they needed a break. Hearing that broke my heart because I thought I had respected ALL of her boundaries. This break or not wanting to hang out with me is a contention in my life. It hurts.

She was there for me for so many life events—one was my mom passing away and the other was my dog passing away. We’ve been close throughout tons of life events in between, one being her daughter’s 6th birthday since mine was the next day.


I have a problem with communication, so I have completed tons of counseling and I took classes at Liberty University. I took a Master’s degree class, called “Communication Crisis.”

For weeks I felt worthless. I just did not want to make another effort to be friends with anyone. On a daily basis, I already struggle with suicidal thoughts. Experiencing this broken relationship issue only served to increase those thoughts. I almost committed myself, but I had done something like that in the past—and I didn’t think it would work.

My Identity in Christ

I saw this article a few weeks ago on ChristianPost.com: Priscilla Shirer On How Women Can Find Identity In Christ In An Instagram Obsessed Culture. It really spoke to me. I needed to find my identity again in Christ not in a person or in things. When I am sad and feeling rejected, I like to spend money and eat. The article doesn’t say that we can’t trust people, but people are human.

God’s Word in Action

Along with that article, I also had to watch a sermon by Pastor Rick Warren. The message was great! I had already apologized to her, but I wanted God to check my heart as well—who else am I mad at?

You don’t have to actually apologize to people you are upset with, but you do need to make sure your heart has forgiven the person with God. Pastor Warren has such a great way to not make me feel uncomfortable because of my imperfection. I am a selfish person and maybe I didn’t notice something. It’s ok, we are all growing in our relationships with the Lord and need to give ourselves grace each day.

Learn How To Resolve Conflict & Restore Relationships with Rick Warren


About the Author

Melodie Haas is a retired Veteran who loves Jesus. She is attending Liberty University online MAIS. She writes a blog about finding savings or hacks.

You can connect with her online at her blog or on Twitter.

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