Glory and Grace: Faith Matters

Glory and Grace: Faith Matters

by Chrissy Kay

When I started my business, I always knew there was something more than just the business part. After all, I'm not so sure God would have just given me the thought to start it, simply to make money. Running a small business is just one part of my story. In fact, it's actually quite a small one.

Being God’s Vessel

I regularly donate scarves or volunteer in different places throughout Hampton Roads, which has opened my eyes to something totally different than I ever could have imagined. Here lately, I am seeing things in a bigger picture.

There are these moments when I see hope. Sometimes it comes in the form of seeing joy in a child's expression. Other times it is in the actual words I hear from the people I talk to. It is different from just having fun or being thanked.

It's a love that I see, and I cannot explain in words.

While I am the vessel helping it happen, it's not me. It's all God.

Marching Forward in Faith

In the past, when I had allowed fear to dictate my story, fear really did have the control. But that’s the farthest from how I am trying to live today.

The places I should not be in—and normally would not be in—are the very places I find myself wanting to be in the most. They are the places where I see God the most. In the space where my heart cries and can sing for joy at the very same time.

I used to make excuses as to why I shouldn't be in those places, because, at the time I really had chosen fear over faith. However, now I march right into the Lion's Den, full of faith. The things I thought were important, really are just mere specks in comparison to what really matters.

Joy matters. Love matters. Hope matters, and most importantly, faith matters.


About the Author

Chrissy Kay is the owner and founder of Glory and Grace Silks. Her background includes 12 years in the Housing and Property Management Industry, including: writing budgets, auditing financials, and maintaining residential occupancy when working onsite.

The hands-on learning she received during that time was invaluable knowledge which prepared her for the business aspect of owning and running her own company.

Today she spends her time designing and painting silk scarves, and art, and managing all aspects of her company.

Connect with Chrissy on her website and on Facebook.

You can read Chrissy’s “Glory and Grace” column on the 2nd Tuesday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.

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