Mom-Preneur Life: The Importance of Dissolving Stigmas Surrounding Mental Health Disorders

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

The Importance of Dissolving Stigmas Surrounding Mental Health Disorders

by Samantha Davis

May 13th started off Mental Health Awareness Week. The topic of mental health is not necessarily the easiest to discuss; however, doing so could positively affect many areas—and reduce the level of stigma. We could encourage more people to seek help for their pain, instead of having the misconception that only ‘crazy’ people need counseling. It could begin to enlighten the population as to how to accept and even empathize with those who suffer from mental health issues.

There are many individuals who have suffered traumatic experiences or even experience symptoms of a mental health disorder that don’t seek help. There is a certain stigma surrounding things like counseling or the use of suicide hotlines—that you only need them if you are ‘ill’ and many people feel that they don’t fit the bill. There is nothing wrong with you just because you’re in need of mental health services. If anything, it is just a step in the right direction of making you even better!

Another dangerous assumption is that if someone is functioning ‘normally’, then, even if they disclose their suffering, there “must not be anything wrong with them.” This thought process further isolates individuals with mental health disorders. When a loved one has this mentality, the person suffering can feel as if their pain doesn’t matter and that no one cares (which snowballs into, “well then, why should I”?).

Even if you don’t fully understand a person’s disorder, telling them that what they are experiencing is not real or relevant only makes them feel worse.

If you are a person that suffers from MHD and someone close to you isn’t being supportive or worse, they are undermining your condition, it is imperative to find healthy support immediately.

MHD are not always looked at as actual health disorders, and hence, get neglected. If a person were to break a limb, they would immediately seek medical attention. However, if they were to have a mental breakdown, the feeling of urgency to do so wouldn’t be the same. Ironically enough, we neglect our central command—our body and life’s most important mechanism—the mind. Everything starts there. Healing the mind, learning how to control your thoughts, and performing healthy habits improve the quality of life.

Bringing awareness to MHD has the potential to improve lives all over the world. Awareness is only the first step. The true change will come when more people become enlightened on MHD, whether an individual suffers from symptoms or not. If you do know someone who could possibly benefit from mental health services, always encourage them to reach out and support them the best way you can.


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