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Latayne’s Corner: Why Would an Author Write. . . an Amish Ghost Story?

Why Would an Author Write. . . an Amish Ghost Story?

by Latayne C. Scott

It’s true that some authors write simply and solely to make money and/or a reputation. Others want to tell the world about their opinions or life experiences. Others, like Harriet Beecher Stowe who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin to raise consciousness about slavery, use their literary skills to help people become aware of issues.

People who write Christian books can have similar motives as those who don’t. However, many Christian authors struggle to make what might be familiar to believers—even taken for granted—new and memorable. How do you tell a new version of salvation? Of eternal life? Some like CS Lewis and Tolkien used fantasy to do that. Others place ancient stories in new settings, as Francine Rivers did.

What about struggling with questions like why some people live and die without the Gospel? Or life after death? Or, in the case of my newest novel – can the dead communicate with the living?

An Amish Ghost Story

I wrote a novel—actually, an Amish ghost story—to explore that last issue. Although the Bible repeatedly warns people not to seek communication with the dead, the New Testament depicts an example of when two dead men—Moses and Elijah—appeared on earth. And what about the souls under the altar, crying out in Revelation 6:9-11?

Here’s a link to the Amazon listing of my book, What Will Be Made Plain. You can use the “look inside” feature to read the beginning of the book.

What do you think? Can the dead communicate with the living?


About the Author

Latayne C. Scott is the author of over 2 dozen published books and hundreds of magazine articles.

Her latest books are What Will Be Made Plain: An Amish Ghost Story (TSU Press, 2019), A Conspiracy of Breath (TSU Press, 2017), The Parables of Jesus (TSU Press, 2017), and as a contributor to Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds (Kregel, 2017.)

Connect with Latayne at her blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

You can read “Latayne’s Corner” on the 4th Friday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.

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