App Corner: Seven Apps Perfect for Busy Working Mothers

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Seven Apps Perfect for Busy Working Mothers

by Joanne Troppello

A Pew Research center study shared that in approximately 40% of US households with children, women are the primary breadwinner—with nearly two-thirds of households being led by single mothers.

All mothers have busy lives, especially if they are single and must shoulder so much responsibility themselves. If you’re a single mom, check out these seven apps which may be able to make your life easier.

1. CamCard app – is a great online resource for busy working mothers. Maybe you are always on the go with work meetings and getting to know other professionals. You can use this app to keep your business card contacts organized.

This online system identifies the business cards and instantly saves them to the user’s mobile phone contact list. All your contact information cards would be synced to your mobile devices and on the online platform.

2. LinkedIn app – This is a well-known business networking site. When you use this app, you can stay connected with your various professional contacts—even for busy mothers on-the-go.

3. Cloud Baby Monitor app – offers a simplified way to turn your Mac or iOS mobile devices into a baby monitor. One device stays with your baby, and you’ll have unlimited range to watch him or her with live video and audio on your devices.

One of the great features of this app is that you can talk to your baby so they can hear your voice and you can play lullabies from your mobile devices. Have peace of mind when you use this app, whether you are working outside or in the home.


4. Ubernote app – provides users like working mothers with an online resource to keep their lives more organized. You can use this app in conjunction with various online tools that you may already be using. You can upload videos, files, notes, website bookmarks, and any ideas you’ve been brainstorming.

This application is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and their mobile site works well with iPhone and android devices. You can use this app to send attachments through email. Help organize your busy life. Safely store information and have access to it from anywhere.

5. Remember the Milk app is ideal for busy working mothers. This app allows you to easily manage tasks on your smartphone. You can schedule reminders to be sent via text or email.

If you need to share a task with someone, you can have a reminder emailed or texted to them as well. If you already use Google Calendar, then you know how great it can be at keeping your daily events organized. You can easily manage tasks offline with the Remember the Milk app and use it with the Google Calendar.

6. Grabb app is a great tool to help working mothers when the need arises to eat out for quick service meals. This app provides users with access to order ahead at various restaurants and skip the lines. They simply order and go to pick up the food.

You’ll have access to browse menus for your favorite local quick service restaurants that are listed on this app. Easily prepay for your order and get real-time notifications on your mobile phone detailing the status of your order. This convenient no cash, no card platform enables you to pay for the order through your phone and they have high security standards to protect your financial information.

7. Uber app Use this app to get a ride from a qualified driver at the touch of a button. This simple one tap ride system makes the process easy for sharing your current location and requested destination.

This cashless and convenient system is great for working mothers on the go. Easily pay through your Uber account on your phone and use this app on iPhone, Android and at Uber.

Have you used any of these apps? We’d love to hear about your experience with them. If you’ve used other apps that haven’t been mentioned here, feel free to comment about them to let our other readers know.


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