Bible Reflection: Are You Actively Useful and Productive to the Lord?

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Are You Actively Useful and Productive to the Lord?

4 Ways to Become More Useful and Productive for God’s Kingdom

by J.M. Troppello

I read through a section of Proverbs today during my daily devotional time. This chapter (12) spoke about wisdom and the perils of not being wise. One of the reference notes from the Thomas Nelson Study Bible referenced Psalm 1:3 as a verse I should refer to regarding the message from Proverbs chapter 12.

The note from the Thomas Nelson Study Bible read as follows:

“The righteous are valuable and productive to God—people in whom He finds pleasure. The words ‘shall prosper’ [as referenced in Psalm 1:3, ‘He shall be like a tree planted by rivers of water, that brings forth it’s fruit in season, whose leaf also shall not wither, and whatever he does shall prosper.’] is not a guarantee of the future financial worth of the righteous; rather the righteous person is always useful and productive to the Lord.”

I’ve read that Psalm before. Yet, that was the first time seeing this statement in the reference notes about being ‘useful and productive’ to the Lord. God loves everyone. All sinners are saved by grace and will receive the gift of salvation if they accept that Jesus died on the cross for their sins. God calls His children to walk in obedience daily.

4 Ways to Be Useful and Productive

This devotional time today truly got me thinking. Am I being useful and productive to the Lord? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Consider the following 4 ways that you can be more useful and productive for God’s Kingdom each day.

1. Live Out the Gospel

God calls His children to live lives that are set apart to Him. You can do that by reading and studying the Bible each day and then applying what you learn. I’m still a work in progress in this area. Everyone is since no one is perfect. Pray daily. Worship the Lord. Walk in love to others.

2. Pray for Others

Developing a thriving prayer life is so important if you want to live victoriously as a Christian. Praise God first when you come to Him in prayer. Give your concerns over to Him, knowing that He will provide. However, be productive for God’s Kingdom and focus more on praying for others. I’m on the prayer email chain at our church. That helps me to remind myself to pray for others during the week as needs arise.

3. Learn to Forgive

Model Jesus’s behavior. He loved unconditionally. He gave up His life to save the world. Ask God to help you to become more forgiving. This is sorely needed in our world today. I can speak from experience that the times when I’ve been dragging my feet in forgiving and reconciling with others—have been the times when that’s hindered my deeper connection with God. Live in harmony with others as much as you’re able. Leave the judgment to God.

4. Share Your Testimony

Focus on eternity. Life can distract us from our true purpose as Christians—to live for God and His purposes in our lives. Life is short when compared to eternity. Share your testimony with the lost. Live life knowing that eternity is the one true thing that really matters.

I heard from my sister today that our neighbor who lives across the street passed away. He was in his eighties and not in good health. His wife was also in poor health and has been in a nursing home for the last few months. Our family was friendly with them in the last two years that we lived here. However, I’m ashamed to say that I never developed a close enough relationship to earn their trust to talk to them about the Lord.

Become a Worker for God’s Kingdom

  • Live out the Gospel

  • Pray for others

  • Learn to forgive

  • Share your testimony

I know I need help in these four areas, especially in sharing my testimony in person. I’ve had no problem sharing my faith in articles I write and in my books. I’ve shared my faith several times with people in-person through the years. However, I know I need to become more active and vocal in doing that. I hope you’re on the same page with me in wanting to become more useful and productive for God’s Kingdom.

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