Book Feature: Power Up by Jessie Mattis

Book Feature: Power Up by Jessie Mattis

At Mustard Seed Sentinel, we love to feature books and share information with our readers about books and why the authors wrote them. Today, we are featuring Power Up, a Christian novel for ages 8 and up written by Jessie Mattis.

About the Book

Eleven-year-old Lexi has learned all there is to know about God…or so she thinks until Miss Kate arrives and shakes up Kids’ Church with her new ideas.

As if it’s not enough that Lexi has to get her history grade up or miss out on the class trip with her friends, her new relationship with the Holy Spirit is suddenly put to the test when a family crisis strikes. Can Lexi trust that God is good in the middle of all this pressure?

Why Jessie Wrote Power Up

As a mother of three young children, who all happen to be vivacious readers, sometimes it’s hard to find books that reflect your Christian values. Many of the children’s Christian books I found just didn’t go deep enough, though they were still entertaining.

I realize entertainment is all many people are looking for in a book, but I craved something more for my own kids. Since I couldn’t find it on bookstore shelves, I decided to write it myself. Once my fingers hit the keyboard, the story seemed to pour out of me.

My prayer for Power Up is for it to reach kids on a spiritual level they may not have reached before, while they’re entertained by relatable characters along the way. I want kids’ faith to come alive so that “church kids” become “Spirit kids.”

I want everyone who reads it to walk away, excited to embrace the adventure of everyday life that God calls us to, as we’re led by the Holy Spirit himself. I want to see a generation of “church kids” take their faith a step further and…power up!


About the Author

Jessie Mattis grew up between cornfields in Potomac, Illinois with an ever-changing stack of library books beside her bed. She graduated from Greenville College with a BA in social work and worked several years in the field of child welfare before becoming a full-time mom. Jessie lives with her husband and fellow author, Chip Mattis, and their three amazing kids in Bloomington, Indiana, and immensely enjoys being a wife and mom. While she is often busy homeschooling the kids, you can also find her spending time with friends and family, serving at church, reading, writing, or sneaking chocolate from the cupboard to go with her black coffee (when the kids aren’t looking, of course).

Jessie’s debut novel, Power Up, was an award winner in the 2018 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference annual contest. Connect with Jessie on Twitter and her website.

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