Book Feature: Royally Entitled by Melody Delgado

Book Feature: Royally Entitled by Melody Delgado

Today we are featuring Royally Entitled by Melody Delgado. Her book has won two awards in the inspirational category. Melody has written columns for our magazine and we love having her as a guest author and featuring her books. Let’s find out more about why Melody wrote this book.

Author’s Inspiration for the Book

I'm intrigued by royalty, especially in the historical sense and the age of the European Renaissance, so I thought others would also be interested in royal customs during this time period.

I spent some time researching, and I found an interesting tidbit: Royals would sometimes choose a mate they'd never even met, simply by viewing a miniature portrait of them.

This was such a foreign idea, I knew I had to write a story about a prince who would start his search for a royal bride in this way, and Royally Entitled came to be written.

About the Book

In a world where titles and money mean everything, marriages are arranged for financial gain, and those intended for each other may never meet until the engagement, Crown Prince Valdemar dares to befriend an impoverished farmer’s daughter just as his small nation of Brevalia undergoes a period of crime and unrest.

One of his closest friends is furious with his continued attentions toward Anika. Could he be the person behind the crimes or is someone else upset with the royals?

What will the leader of the land, Queen Marguerite, think of his fondness for a commoner? And what will become of the two foreign princesses the queen has brought to the castle as potential brides for the prince?

Will Prince Valdemar and Anika ever find a way to be together or will they be doomed to marriages of convenience?

Royally Entitled is free in Kindle unlimited or may be purchased on its own using the link below.


About the Author

Melody Delgado has been a published writer since 2000. Her YA/Adult novel, Royally Entitled, was released digitally by Clean Reads in May, 2017.

It recently won a Readers' Favorite award in the category of Historical Christian Romance.

A humorous children’s novel, Oops-A-Daisy, was recently released by Clean Reads.

You can find her on Twitter or at her website.

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