Book Feature: Soft Spot in a Stone Wall by Tamara Gaupp

Book Feature: Soft Spot in a Stone Wall by Tamara Gaupp

Today, we are featuring Soft Spot in a Stone Wall: Escape Your Entrapment with the Power of God's Pure Joy, by Tamara Gaupp.

About the Book

Soft Spot in a Stone Wall is about those areas in life we are not able to overcome. They may even feel like stone walls built up around us, holding us captive. These are the walls that ONLY the Almighty God has the power to break down. When we come to the end of ourselves, throw our troubles down at His feet, and cry out to Him to lead us out of our desperation, He is able to create a soft spot that wasn’t there before. Tami has seen this happen over and over again in her life and shares her story in hopes of helping others who are in the midst of their own struggles.

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Why Tamara Wrote the Book

My purpose in writing Soft Spot in a Stone Wall, is to reflect the reality of living a life that is flooded with God’s goodness, peace, and joy in the midst of all those hard things we face in life.

I spent 15 years leading women and children in creative evangelism through choreography—praising God in parades, parks, schools, nursing homes, and at the State Fair, as well as in celebratory gatherings of believers.

It was during this time of mentoring groups and individuals on how to breakthrough to freedom through worship intercession and warfare praise, that I came face to face with the heartache of relational betrayal, the crushing hurt from unhealthy church dynamics, the isolation and torment of chronic sickness, and my own inability to change these situations.

Through these hardships, I’ve learned a few things about trusting God when things are bleak and allowing Him to take me by the hand and lead me out of my desperation into freedom.

That’s how I know there is hope! I want to share my story with those who are stuck living behind a wall that they can’t break through and ask God to hear their cry, take them by the hand, and lead them out of their entrapment.


About the Author

Tamara (Tami) Gaupp - described as real-authentic, approachable, a person who "gets it done", and isn’t afraid of getting a little messy with the daily grind of living and helping others get back up when they're kicked down. She lives with her husband in Boise, Idaho, and has 2 married sons and 2 granddaughters.

She has recently launched Lanyap Life Publishing- releasing booklets to help others better understand how to live in the lanyap of all God’s blessings. You can connect with Tamara on her website, on Twitter, The Lanyap Life on Instagram and The Lanyap Life FB Page.

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