Book Review: Changed Purpose by Paula Jean Henry

Book Review Changed Purpose by Paula Jean Henry
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Book Review: Changed Purpose by Paula Jean Henry

I recently finished reading Changed Purpose by Paula Jean Henry. When I first started reading the book, I had mixed feelings about the concept. I like the idea of time travel but have never read any time travel books. I was a huge fan of the NBC show Timeless and loved how they went back in time to try to save the world but had to be careful about not changing anything from actual history.

With Changed Purpose the main character goes back in time and things do change for the future. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first. As a northerner myself from the suburbs of Philadelphia, it was somewhat hard for me to relate to the main character’s love of the South—and her perspective that they should have been allowed to secede from the Union.

I had somewhat of a problem believing how things turned out for the future after Sarah’s time traveling experience. I don’t want to go into detail and spoil anything for anyone. I hope you read the book and form your own opinion.

However, I enjoyed reading something from a different perspective and learning how others might think. I learned new things about the South during this time period. Now, this is my own opinion and you may disagree. That's why I recommend that you read the book for yourself.

I thought the book was very detailed, which I like. It was easy to read. The prose and dialogue flowed easily. There were distracting point of view shifts, but not too much that it detracted from my enjoyment of the story.

I liked the main character right away. I loved how the author depicted the strong faith in God that the characters had.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Changed Purpose. I won't give away any spoilers about how the book ends, but I hope the author is planning book two and that this could be a series. I would love to read that.

About the Book: Changed Purpose

Twenty-eight-year-old Sarah Louise Gordon is a Civil War history expert who loves the Lord and believes in respecting God-given freedoms. Although she lives in modern-day Philadelphia, Sarah wishes she could travel back in time and change history to save General Stonewall Jackson’s life. Sarah has no idea she is about to discover that wishes do come true, sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

After she quits her job on a whim and moves to Stone Mountain, Georgia, to be closer to her brother and his family, she decides to tour the Antebellum Plantation. But when she unexpectedly finds herself separated from her family, Sarah soon realizes that she has somehow traveled back in time to 1863. She is left to contemplate whether she really has the persuasive power to save Stonewall Jackson and avoid being arrested and hung for treason in the process. As Sarah embarks on a passionate and courageous mission to transform the outcome of the Civil War, she must place her trust in God and embrace that this is her new purpose.

In this intriguing tale, a young Christian historian journeys back in time in an attempt to influence the outcome of the Civil War and alter history forever.


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