Book Review: Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan

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Book Review: Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan

by Joanne Troppello

I just finished reading Daughter of Joy, book one in the Brides of Culdee Creek. The author is Kathleen Morgan. I really enjoyed the first chapter—which was a definite sign I knew I would enjoy the rest of the book.

The two main characters drew me in right away. I knew I would enjoy getting to know their story and journey together. Their love story is beautifully woven throughout the book. It's a real love story showing their growing emotional connection and passion, which drew me in. It should be noted that even though the author described their passionate connection with each other, it was a sweet PG-rated romance.

The story brought the reader on a journey from grief to joy—as seen through the eyes of the characters. Abby and the loss of her husband and 5 year old son. Beth, Connor's daughter and her loss of her mother and the three housekeepers that kept leaving. And Connor, dealing with his first wife leaving, then his 17 year old son Evan, and then Beth's mother dying.

It was also a story of forgiveness and grace. How God forgave us and sent His Son, Jesus to die for our sins and how God asks His children to mirror that forgiveness and grace to others.

The connection the main character had to her relationship with the Lord was powerful. It really hit home with me and my own convictions and relationship with God.

The author provides some discussion questions at the end of the book, which are great if you are reading this novel in a book club or want to discuss it with friends.

You get a sneak peek of the author's next novel in this series with an excerpt of Book 2 in the Brides of Culdee Creek series, Woman of Grace. I highly recommend Daughter of Joy.


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