Book Review: Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich

Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Book Review: Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich

What happens when a spunky little girl wishes on a shooting star for a pet of her very own?

She wishes for a pet OSTRICH, of course!

Their wildly crazy and fun-filled feathery shenanigans will keep kids guessing what will happen next.

The LAUGH OUT LOUD surprise ending will bring a bad case of the giggles and will lead you to the character of book 2 - coming soon!

From the Back Cover

Have you ever made a magical wish upon a shooting star? Was it for a pet ostrich?

Follow the adventure and humor as a spunky child wishes for a pet ostrich of her very own. Will it be everything she hopes for – or a big feathery mistake? This delightful, rhyming tale about the fastest bird in the world has a surprise ending that is sure to bring a smile.

A bonus educational section is included to help children who are already ostrich fans – and those who aren’t fans yet!

Humor and laughter support creativity. Giving a child a BRAIN BREAK with laughter helps with social skills and improves cognitive development.

Inspired by the books of Dr. Seuss, this book was created to encourage emergent readers, spark a child's imagination, and will teach children how language works. Reading books that rhyme, help children make prediction of words.

★A FREE comprehension and activity lesson are included at the end of this story.

★A FREE lesson plan for teachers and parents are available at Sarina's Website.

About the Author, Sarina Siebenaler

Sarina Siebenaler is an author, autism advocate, mom of three children, and one dog. She writes children's books to encourage literacy, spark a child's imagination, and to help with social and emotional skills. For several years she has serviced parents of children with autism to provide resources and support.

Eve’s Review

Humorous. Colorful illustrations. Thoughtful storyline allows you and your child to talk about decisions and how they can affect your life.

At the end of the book are some questions to discuss with your young reader on how choices can affect life. The book is written on a child’s level and has plenty of giggle places in the story.

A good purchase for your library and, I believe, an author to follow for her other books.


About the Reviewer

Eve Culley at Mustard Seed Sentinel

As a children’s author, I am blessed to live in the imaginary world of Barn Town where the animals talk and share their lives with me. I believe that I have the best job there is. Another joy I have is reading other children’s authors and sharing their work with you. Read a book and share the joy with others.

Storytelling is as much a part of me as breathing is to my body. I have found that as I tell stories, putting them on paper, it makes room for the other stories that are building and will need to be told soon. I write for children because of their wonderful imaginations. They are the very best at believing that the probable can become possible. Nothing is any better than when the reader climbs into the adventure and joins the journey with you.

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