Book Review: Finding Her Way – Western Romance on the Frontier by Leah Banicki

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Book Review: Finding Her Way – Western Romance on the Frontier

Finding Her Way is book 1 of 3 in the Wildflowers western romance on the frontier series by Leah Banicki. This historical fiction book is 223 pages long.

This book was previously released as Seeing the Elephant. It was revised, rewritten, and professionally edited. Although, I did still find some spelling and punctuation errors. There were some POV shifts that bothered me, but they weren't too confusing.

I love using essential oils and natural remedies. I related well to the main character, Corrine's love of botany, plants, and oils. I loved how her character had dreams of starting a lavender farm and helping others to see the benefits of using essential oils.

I instantly liked both Corrine and her lady's maid, Angela. I was excited to read more of their adventure on the Oregon Trail. Sometimes, I felt the way Corinne was portrayed—and how her thoughts were shown—was a bit over the top. However, I did like her character and would love to read more in this series.

I liked the love story that moved slowly, but was exactly how it should play out. It seemed very realistic for the time period and the storyline. I enjoyed reading the details about the wagon train and all these pioneers had to deal with. Again, it was realistically described.


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