Book Review: Goldy the Puppy and the Missing Socks

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Book Review: Goldy the Puppy and the Missing Socks

A mystery is afoot. Where have all the lost socks gone?

Brother can’t understand why he has so many mismatched socks. No matter where he looks, he can’t find two that are the same. And now he’s sure his favorite stripy footwear must be getting gobbled up by a hungry sock-monster!

Brother teams up with Sister to check inside the hamper and under the bed. But there are no missing spotted stockings to be seen. But wait, there’s their little pup sneaking around with a big grin on her face!

Does the golden doggie know where the footloose footwarmers can be found?

About the Author

Kim Ann is a bestselling children's book author.

She lives in Southern California with her husband, their two children, and their dogs. For several years, Kim Ann worked as a freelance writer and published many feel-good articles about families, but she always dreamed of writing the fun, imaginative, colorful books she enjoyed reading.

About the Illustrator

Nejla Shojaie is a self-taught illustrator who is an expert in doing children's book illustrations, character designs, sticker designs, cartoon designs, and cartoon logos.

Eve’s Take on the Book

Goldy the Puppy is a beautifully illustrated picture book for readers ages three to eight years old. Most of the 41 pages are colorful, eye catching illustrations that tell the story without words.

I think it would be good for nap time or bed time reading.


About the Reviewer

Eve Culley at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Storytelling is as much a part of me as breathing is to my body. I have found that as I tell stories, putting them on paper, it makes room for the other stories that are building and will need to be told soon.

I write for children because of their wonderful imaginations. They are the very best at believing that the probable can become possible.

Nothing is any better than when the reader climbs into the adventure and joins the journey with you.

Connect with Eve on her website, blog, or on Twitter.

You can read Eve’s column on the 2nd Monday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.

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