Book Review: Grumpy Sandra and the Horrible Day by Melissa Winn

Book Review of Grumpy Sandra and the Horrible Day by Melissa Winn

Review by Eve Culley

Even under the best of circumstances, mornings with young kids can be rough. Throw in a grouchy attitude from a tot, and they become downright unbearable. But parental love can be transforming for you and your child.

It’s extremely important that we teach our kids that they are loved, not because they earned our love or are good enough to be loved, but that they’re loved because God put them into our families to be loved. “Grumpy Sandra and the Horrible Day” is a book about a little girl who wakes up grumpy. As she moves through her day, doing grumpy things, her body is flooded with physical sensations until she begins to feel she is turning into stone. But then talks to her mother, who comforts her, and helps her realize she can't stay angry if she fills her heart with love.

It's a sweet story to remind children that it's okay to have a bad day; and that we will love them no matter what! Most children don't have the language skills to explain how they are feeling; so big feelings, such as anger, anxiety and sadness can feel overwhelming. Many children describe it as an inner “monster” and feel helpless to control it. But by offering unconditional love, parents can teach their children how to cope with difficult feelings, how to control themselves, and how to take care of others who might get upset as a result of their behavior. The book explains:

  • That angry feelings come and go

  • Doing bad things doesn’t make them bad

  • How to recognize their feelings

  • How to treat each other better, as well as to be more tolerant

  • Different messages for different ages

This is a great book for children age 4–6, with humorous illustrations and rhyming text to capture a child’s attention. If your kid has ever "felt like a monster," then you will love the way this book helps you explain this feeling and teach them how to navigate a challenging world. It will also help strengthen your parent-child attachment bond and create an authentic connection with your kid.

About the Author

Melissa Winn is the author of the Amazon Readers' Favorite "Five Star" rated. Melissa is a child psychologist, passionate children's book author, poetess, mother of two children, and more recently a grandmother. Her life revolves around children, both her family, her vocation, and her aspirations.

Eve’s Book Review

As a mother, grandmother, and now great grandmother I am amazed at the mother in this book with her patience for her child.

It’s a good story and shows the attitude of a mother who for me is something to strive for with my brood. But I believe that a book’s purpose is to stretch, grow, and overall help you become a better person. This book does that for me and I hope for you as well.


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