Book Review: It's not easy being a Lazy Bug

Book cover of Its Not Easy Being a Lazy Bug

Book Review: It's not easy being a Lazy Bug

Pragya Tomar (Author), Michela Fiori (Illustrator), Ramona Maclean (Illustrator)

A lovely bedtime tale about a lazy bug and the value of doing things yourself!

Bug loves doing nothing. He never gets dressed, or makes his own food, or even goes to school! But when his parents decide to stop doing everything for him, Bug soon discovers that being lazy isn’t such a good idea after all… and that becoming independent is fun after all!

It’s Not Easy Being a Lazy Bug is a hilarious and enjoyable tale that inspires kids to do things for themselves and not be lazy. Featuring vivid illustrations and an upbeat theme, Bug’s delightful story is perfect for teaching young children about the downsides of being lazy and the rewarding satisfaction that comes from taking control and being independent.

Book details

  • Makes A Great Bedtime Story for Kids Aged 4-6

  • Teaches The Value and Joy of Independence

  • Features Colorful, Lively Illustrations and a Charming Story

  • Specially Designed for Early Readers, Reading Aloud, Group Readings, & More

  • And It Will Quickly Become Your Child’s Favorite Tale!

Ideal for gifts, passing the time, and even as a way to help early learners strengthen their reading skills, this colorful book helps empower kids to be more independent by showing them the amazing benefits of doing things yourself. So, if you’re searching for a funny and cheerful tale about one lazy bug who sees the error in his ways, then this book is for you!

About the Author

Pragya Tomar is a passionate children’s author and the founder of Pen Magic Books Publishing. She has a love of storytelling, imbuing her stories with a magical touch and fantastical adventures that quickly make them favorites of kids of all ages. She believes that stories are a wonderful way of inspiring kids and introducing them to reading at a young age, and she hopes that her books will touch their hearts and make their childhoods that little bit more special.

When not writing, Pragya works in the Animation Industry as a Visual FX Artist. There she’s brought her magic touch to critically-acclaimed feature films and shows including Disney's Bolt, A Christmas Carol, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Star Wars, Transformers 3, Kungfu Panda, Nickelodeon's TV show WallyKazam and Shimmer and Shine.

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Pragya came to the US to study film, and she now enjoys living in California.

For more information on her and the whole team at Pen Magic Books, visit: or find information on Instagram @PenMagicBooks.

Eve’s Book Review

This story explains what happens to a bug who won’t do anything for himself and expects everyone to do for him. It teaches a good lesson on learning self-responsibility. The artwork is colorful and cartoonish.


About the Reviewer

As a children’s author, I am blessed to live in the imaginary world of Barn Town where the animals talk and share their lives with me. I believe that I have the best job there is. Another joy I have is reading other children’s authors and sharing their work with you. Read a book and share the joy with others.

Storytelling is as much a part of me as breathing is to my body. I have found that as I tell stories, putting them on paper, it makes room for the other stories that are building and will need to be told soon. I write for children because of their wonderful imaginations. They are the very best at believing that the probable can become possible. Nothing is any better than when the reader climbs into the adventure and joins the journey with you.

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