Book Review: Living on the Edge, by Chip Ingram

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Book Review: Living on the Edge, by Chip Ingram

by Joanne Troppello

Most of the books I’ve recently reviewed have been Christian or inspirational fiction. My review today is of Living on the Edge by Chip Ingram. This 268-page book is published by Howard Books and is in the Christian Life / General category.

Chip Ingram writes about being a Romans 12 Christian—how God desires for us to live like a disciple of Jesus and have a fulfilling personal relationship with him rather than living every day based on how we perform and obey or not obey God’s rules.

This book, with the tagline—Dare to experience true spirituality also offers a small group study, which complements the Living on the Edge book. The book discusses the model for Christian living which Jesus provided for us. Are you ready to become and r12 Christian today?

My husband and I started reading this book during our devotional time after our Pastor told the congregation that we would be studying this book during Sunday morning services and in our small groups.

I definitely enjoy reading books together with my husband during our devotional time and this book was no exception—I enjoyed the depth of knowledge of God’s word that Mr. Ingram displayed in every chapter. His writing was detailed, yet easy enough to read where you didn’t feel as if you were lost amongst a web of theological jargon.

This book is addicting in the fact that you will want to read more to find out how God wants to transform your life. You’ll enjoy the true life stories that Mr. Ingram shares and want to read more each day.

I truly agree with the other tagline from this book, A proven pathway to become like Jesus—this is definitely true. If you take the time to read this book and participate in the study helps, you’ll grow by leaps and bounds in your spiritual life and your faith.

I’ve been a Christian for many years and have read the Bible a few times and done different Bible studies before. However, reading this book was refreshing in the fresh perspective Mr. Ingram brought to the table.

I learned how to give God my best and live how He wants me to live—intimately with Him, as he powerfully transforms my life. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to delve into a closer relationship with the Lord and needs the Biblical blueprint on how to get there.


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