Book Review: Lulu and Lainey – Twelve Days of Christmas by Lois Petren

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Book Review: Lulu and Lainey – Twelve Days of Christmas by Lois Petren

This delightful book takes the giving heart of a young girl, her grand-mere and the song of the 12 days of Christmas and makes a very cute story. I think that you will find yourself humming this favorite Christmas song using the new words this holiday season.

Having a love for children’s book artwork, I find the illustrations by Tanja Russita adorable.

I whole heartedly recommend that Lulu and Lainey … Twelve Days of Christmas find its way into your home this holiday season.

Merry Christmas from Barn Town to you.

About the Book

A delightful Christmas book for children and knitters of all ages!

While baking holiday cookies, Lulu and Grand-mère amuse themselves by singing a clever rendition of the beloved Christmas carol using knitted items as the gifts.

Things get a bit complicated as they work their way through all the verses, to the enjoyment of all.

Join in the fun and you'll be humming the tune through the holidays!

Discover that the true joy of the holiday season is in what we give of ourselves to those we love.

About Author

Author Lois Petren at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Lois Petren, author of the Lulu and Lainey and Five Enchanted Mermaids series of children's picture books, became an author by chance when she realized she had a story to tell. Creative inspiration occurred during 2015 when, after returning from a family vacation, Lois discovered that she had left behind a ball of yarn she needed to complete a knitting project. This became the inspiration for writing "Lulu and Lainey ... a French Yarn," which is the first book in the Lulu and Lainey series. Five additional books followed.

In 2018 in collaboration with LifeMadeSimple, LLC, Lois started writing books about the Five Enchanted Mermaids, a diverse group of mermaids with magical powers who help children to develop a growth mindset and learn developmental skills.

Lois has had successful careers in marketing, fashion and retirement services. She lives in Southern California with her husband and children.

When she is not writing she can be found knitting, cooking, or planning her next vacation.


About the Reviewer

Eve Culley at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Storytelling is as much a part of me as breathing is to my body. I have found that as I tell stories, putting them on paper, it makes room for the other stories that are building and will need to be told soon.

I write for children because of their wonderful imaginations. They are the very best at believing that the probable can become possible.

Nothing is any better than when the reader climbs into the adventure and joins the journey with you.

Connect with Eve on her website, blog, or on Twitter.

You can read Eve’s column on the 2nd Monday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.

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