Book Review: Mail Order Bride 4 Book Box Set by Karla Gracey

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Book Review: Mail Order Bride 4 Book Box Set by Karla Gracey

by Joanne Troppello

This eBook came as a box set of 4 books that are sweet, clean historical western romances by Karla Gracey. The novellas included in the box set are the first ones from each of the following series:

# 1 - Faith Creek Brides

# 2 - Ruby Springs Brides

# 3 - Sun River Brides

# 4 - Silver River Brides

I’m sharing my review of the first book in the boxed set, Mail Order Bride – Bryony’s Destiny, which is the initial novella in the Faith Creek Brides series.

I noticed a few punctuation errors and spelling mistakes, but the more reviews I do, the pickier I get. However, I was pleasantly surprised that there were no POV issues—which I have seen a lot of in the last few books I've read.

The two main characters seemed intriguing from the first two chapters. I looked forward to getting to know more about them as their love story unfolded.

I don't usually like reading novellas because they are so short and sometimes lack character development. However, I did like this novella and thought the character development was good.

The ending was great with the restoration of family and a new beginning for all.

Have you read any good novels or novellas lately that are clean reads that you could share with our readers?


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