Book Review: Muscular Faith, by Ben Patterson

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Book Review: Muscular Faith, by Ben Patterson

by Joanne Troppello

This is my second non-fiction book that I reviewed for Mustard Seed Sentinel. Muscular Faith by Ben Patterson was published by Tyndale House Publishing. This 261-page book is in the Christian Life / Spiritual Growth category.

Faith is not always easy but is so rewarding. However, if we partner with Christ, knowing that challenges are a basic part of life—our faith experience can become an exciting and intrinsic journey for us.

As a Christian, we should have as one of our goals, a desire to grow daily in our faith and relationship with Christ. This is definitely one of my daily goals through my journey as a Christian over the last 31 years.

Ben Patterson is an author and teacher who, in this book, is calling readers to develop muscular faith. He’s asking us to completely commit—in our heart, soul and mind—to developing a faith in our savior, Jesus Christ.

Ben Patterson wrote a book that is easily accessible to readers in its format and educational style; yet written in a voice that is down to earth and user friendly.

Muscular Faith is filled with numerous stories of life-lessons learned by Patterson. He leads readers in a step-by-step plan to develop their own personal faith in Christ. From learning about fighting the good fight to the different kinds of faith-filled prayer warrior characteristics to finishing the race, Patterson teaches us to finish our lives well—it’s all about living life in a way that glorifies God and how we live a faith-filled life.

I enjoyed the scripture references and pertinent quotes Patterson provided at the beginning of each chapter. Scripture pertaining to this topic of faith and prayer and the spirit-filled life is rightly divided in this book—his understanding of God’s Word is perceptive, and he brings that knowledge home to the reader in a way we all can relate to.

This was definitely not a preachy book. Rather, it is a book filled with scriptural knowledge on a subject that is so relevant to every believer’s life. It is a must read for us all. I highly recommend this book.

Have you recently read any good books that have helped you grow in your spiritual life as a Christian?


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