Book Review: The Land of the Dinosaurs 1 - The Great Storm

The Land of the Dinosaurs 1 – The Great Storm

Book Reviewer: Eve Culley

For my column today, I am featuring book 1, The Great Storm. This is the first book in the children’s bedtime story series, The Land of the Dinosaurs.

About the Book

Deena is a small brachiosaurus. After a powerful storm, she was floating away down the river. Would her friends save her?

This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and is enjoyable for the whole family as well! It is a fun and beautifully illustrated book with a happy ending that all readers will enjoy. This is a charming children's story that is sure to become a favorite.

My Take on the Book

Deena, a long-necked dinosaur, is best friends with Max, a stegosaurus. On the way home from school Deena, Max, and other dinosaurs are caught in a rainstorm and get scared. The rain has increased the depth of the river they have to cross. Gathering their courage, the young dinos grab a tree branch to help them cross the river.

Losing her grip, Deena is swept away in the river and Max goes after her. They land in a strange land and the adventure begins.

There are many links to bonus material for the children including a maze, a coloring book, games, and jokes. Lots of fun for everyone.

About the Author, Dr. MC

Dr. Mc is a creator and story teller. She has two kids and she loves to tell a story to them before they sleep. She loves reading, writing many kinds of books, especially children's books—because she reads them with her children every day. Her books include morals, questions, and so many advantages and things for children that can make them become a good human in the future.

She graduated from The University of Durham in UK. She became an author after her first child was born. She hopes this will be good for her children. She wrote so many children’s books that include morals, entertain, inspire, and ignite the imagination of children. She has a unique style and creativity that makes her books outstanding from other children's books written by other authors. She loves to write a bedtime story that will make children laugh before they get to sleep so they can have sweet dreams.

- Think High, Reach High - Dr. Mc


About the Reviewer

Storytelling is as much a part of me as breathing is to my body. I have found that as I tell stories, putting them on paper, it makes room for the other stories that are building and will need to be told soon.

I write for children because of their wonderful imaginations.

They are the very best at believing that the probable can become possible. Nothing is any better than when the reader climbs into the adventure and joins the journey with you.

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