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Business Buzz: Augment the Work Environment by Utilizing People Analytics

Business Buzz at Mustard Seed Sentinel
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Augment the Work Environment by Utilizing People Analytics

Understanding the importance of listening to employee feedback

by Joanne Troppello

According to a Cornerstone OnDemand study completed by Kelton Global:

“Career satisfaction and work-life balance are the top reasons American employees stay at their current jobs (38% combined), while nearly three in ten (29%) resign due to work overload and lack of healthy work-life balance.”

Workplace productivity levels are directly related to employee satisfaction levels. When management can provide employees with practical reasons to continue working for the company, that can significantly improve the retention rates.

Management can use people analytics to identify and accurately use employee feedback to improve the workplace situation and enhance work-life balance.

The importance of employee feedback

With COVID-19 and people dealing with quarantine life and then states reopening—and many businesses closed, and some having closed for good due to significant financial losses—things are likely very different for your employees. Some businesses have been able to deploy employees to work from home. Maybe you find your business in this situation.

Obtaining employee feedback is even more important than ever.

As technology has advanced, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is available to help management identify employee satisfaction levels and how they can be encouraged to improve productivity.

Case Study: How Google used people analytics

The combination of people and technology are integral parts of Google’s organization. Management at Google understands that when each team member experiences fulfillment in their jobs, that can augment their capacity to act as team members acting in a collaborative way.

Google was featured in an Entrepreneur article which shared that they have an average employee engagement and satisfaction rate of 90% which has been an important factor in improving retention rates.

Google utilized people analytics to cultivate a superior company culture and augmented workplace productivity levels. The following five factors played a role in how they analyzed employee satisfaction levels.

  • People Focus – Management implemented a human resource department which they call the People’s Operation Team. Data is mined from operational processes to obtain employee feedback which is helpful in improving the workplace culture and productivity levels.

  • Data Analytics – They use advanced data mining analytics to improve the way they make decisions to augment the workplace.

  • Human Component – Data is vital, but it can be more useful in the workplace when it is curated with the main goal of integrating the human component for enhanced management decision making processes.

  • Employee Surveys – The management team at Google used employee surveys and people analytics to identify that team members disliked the hierarchal operational system. Project Oxygen was implemented by the People’s Operation Team to assess performance of team projects. Then they contrasted those results to people analytics productivity metrics.

  • Effective Results – This comprehensive approach to people analytics and the implementation of Project Oxygen gave Google the necessary data to see that employee productivity directly related to the improved performance levels of the management team and team members.

Implementing people analytics for your company

Consider this Google case study when deciding whether or not to implement people analytics for your company. Data is an important factor in this process. However, don’t discount the human engagement element which is integral in delivering information that is just as important to ensure that you have workable, qualitative conclusions.

Employee surveys can be another vital element of this people analytics process. Concentrate on ascertaining the employee engagement satisfaction level.

Take a look at these employee satisfaction survey questions written by Dr. Scott Smith. They have been revised on May 1, 2020 to include content relevant to issues facing management and team members due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting employment issues.

Consider using people analytics software like the one offered by Impraise, which can aid in helping your management team complete team member analytics to enhance data insight.

Knowledge is power and can help management make better decisions that improve employee engagement and satisfaction levels and augment productivity levels. More data equals improved targeted training opportunities and increased understanding of how to cultivate happiness of employees.

Take your company to a new level of success by using people analytics to help your management team and team members better navigate company culture in our new normal due to COVID-19.

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