Career Advice: Four Ways a Book Club Can Enhance Employee Productivity

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Four Ways a Book Club Can Enhance Employee Productivity

by Joanne Troppello

A survey completed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that people in the US ages 15 years old or older read approximately 16.8 minutes each day. That number has decreased from 22.8 minutes in 2005.

Reading is important. It can help you with the following:

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve vocabulary

  • Enhance writing skills

  • Develop memory

  • Augment mental stimulation

As a professional, reading can be very important for your career development. Now, you shouldn’t read your favorite eBook on your Kindle during work hours. However, reading during your lunch time or other breaks is a great way to get some of those benefits from the list above.

Hosting a book club in the workplace can be beneficial to you and other team members. It can be advantageous for improving employee productivity. Consider the following four ways that such a book club can bring many benefits to the workplace.

1. Promotes Team Spirit

If you own a company or are a manager—or an employee—looking to increase productivity, consider starting a book club in the workplace. It can be beneficial in promoting team spirit.

When employees feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves, they are likely to perform better at work. Participating in a book club can create that sense of belonging that can benefit yourself and others at work.

Communicating with others in a book club gives you the opportunity to discuss your opinions about the book and respond to your colleagues’ opinions. This give and take can build relationships and deepen the connection of the workplace team.

2. Cultivates Creativity

Who doesn’t want to be more creative at work? Most managers will likely agree that employees who utilize their creativity in the workplace are invaluable assets. When people participate in a book club at work, that can spark their creativity as they get the opportunity to think outside the box.

Maybe a coworker’s opinion about the storyline differs from yours and this can change your perspective. Maybe your opinion won’t change, but at least you will likely start to think with a new mindset.

This cultivation of creativity will be an asset in the workplace and help to boost employee productivity. Teamwork skills will improve and help with better achievement of key performance indicators (KPI) for project objectives and deadlines.

3. Improves Problem Solving

Maybe your team needs better problem-solving skills that could help them complete various projects at work. You might want to develop your own problem-solving skills to improve the way you handle situations in both your work and personal life.

Joining a book club at work can help you to develop such skills. In book clubs, members all read the same book and then meet up to discuss things like initial reactions to the book, sharing your favorite passages, dissecting themes, and responding to if and then questions.

As you read the book and learn from the character development and see how the main character solved his or her problem or overcame conflicts, this can encourage you to work at your own conflict resolution skills—and become a better problem solver.

4. Encourages Personal Development

Growing and developing as a person can help you become a more emotionally intelligent adult—which can enhance both your personal and professional lives. Joining a book club at work can give you ample opportunity for such development.

Book Club at Mustard Seed Sentinel
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Learning something new each day is a key factor in growing as an individual.

Whether you read a great fiction book and learn from the experiences of the characters or delve into deeper topics written about in self-help books—there is always something to learn from reading—provided you are open to the process.

With technology, we are so distracted by the next shiny thing that we don’t usually sit down and take a moment to focus on one thing for too long. We all have busy work and home lives that can easily distract us.

We all have personal and professional responsibilities and can’t spend all day on “me time.” However, participating in a book club at work can give you a unique opportunity to get to know yourself better as you interact with coworkers.

Do you have a book club at work? Have you ever considered starting one? If you work from home or are a busy stay-at-home mom—which is a very important job—have you thought about joining a book club?


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