Career Advice: How Volunteering Can Help Your Career Development

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How Volunteering Can Help Your Career Development

by Joanne Troppello

According to a study completed by The Corporation for National & Community Service, 1 out of 4 Americans volunteer. When you volunteer, it takes time and investment on you part. However, it can help you to improve your confidence and happiness levels and make a difference in people’s lives at the same time.

Volunteering is also beneficial to your career development. You can expand your network by meeting new people, refining your skillset, and adding valuable volunteering experience to your resume.

It’s important to focus on your work to continue to stay employed and move forward in your career. However, focusing on volunteer work can advance your career development.

Benefit Your Career by Volunteering

Your life is most likely extremely busy with work and family responsibilities, but if you start to volunteer, you can positively impact your career. Find volunteering opportunities that you enjoy so it doesn’t feel like work and you begin to feel bitter about participating.

1. Enhance Your Social Development

People skills can become an invaluable resource for you in the workplace and continue to give you job security. Working in a volunteer situation can provide you with excellent opportunities to learn how to deal with people in a positive way—and learn how to respond rather than react. When you volunteer, you can learn how to interact with people—especially people that you don’t know—on a more personal level.

Additionally, when you volunteer, you can make a positive impact on your community. Giving of yourself, opens you up to become a more selfless person.

Volunteering can open your mind to have a new perspective as you see people who may be less fortunate than yourself. This can make your interactions in the workplace better and help you to become a team player. You may start to see your coworkers in a new light. That can help your career development.

2. Improve Your Physical and Mental Capacity

Volunteering can give you the chance to develop as a person, which can enhance your value as an employee. For example, if you volunteer for a food bank or homeless shelter, you’ll need to learn new ideas which can improve your mental reasoning.

Additionally, you can avail yourself of so many chances to augment your physical strength by being active and helping others in these volunteer opportunities. Improving your strength can benefit your career because anything you do to enhance your physical and mental health and well-being will be beneficial to you.

Handling new experiences as a volunteer can increase your ability to more easily deal with changing circumstances in the workplace. Developing this ability to handle change will increase the chances of catching the attention of managers. They will look on these changes as a positive asset for them and the company.

3. Augment Your Knowledge and Skills

You open yourself up to a world of possibilities when you volunteer by improving your knowledge and skillset. You can learn new skills, which can make you a more valuable employee—and more likely to receive new work projects, responsibilities, and opportunities for advancement.

Maybe you’ll seek new employment down the road. Your volunteer experience can make you more valuable to new employers and help you move further up the list during the interview process.

Learning new skills during your volunteer experiences, can help you start to work better with others. You can learn enhanced communication skills, and become a better organizer, project planner, and problem solver.

4. Better Fulfillment in Life

If you’ve never volunteered before, you won’t have experienced that special feeling of fulfillment when helping others. Volunteering gives you better fulfillment in life. When you are more fulfilled, that will translate into the workplace and enable you to work better. Performing well in the workplace will show your managers that you like your job and want to continue in your chosen career path.

Volunteering can help center you as an individual and enable you to find purpose and fulfillment in life. That can help you to spread positivity more easily in the workplace—definitely a surefire way to get noticed by your boss for all the right reasons.

Always search for the right volunteer experience that fits you perfectly and will help you to grow and develop as an individual. You can do a simple search online for the keywords “volunteering near me” or check out an organization like Volunteer Match. This site can help match you up with the right volunteer opportunity near you.

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