Career Corner: It’s Okay to Break These Four Career Rules

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It’s Okay to Break These Four Career Rules

by Joanne Troppello

So, are you one of those people that believes rules are meant to be broken? I am not one of those people. At least generally. If you ask my sister or husband, they’d tell you that I am the rule follower in the family. My sister was the rule breaker and the one getting us into trouble. Not bad trouble, just fun and mischievous times growing up.

So, I am not advocating you start to violate rules. Just maybe take a break and be more lenient on yourself in the workplace. Let’s look at four career rules that it’s okay to break.

1. Serious People Are the Only Ones Who Will Be Successful

I’m sure you’ve heard many times that only people who are serious about their careers will succeed. That means, make all the right choices and never veer off the path. Don’t have fun. Work isn’t meant to be fun. Be serious and goal oriented.

Ok, so those things are true. However, this rule is meant to be broken. You don’t have to be so serious all the time that you are not having fun in your career.

So, it is important to set goals and be serious about it. To make a name for yourself and build a solid foundation for your career, you must be diligent and work hard. However, you don’t have to be the sour lemon in the group that sucks the life out of the workplace.

Learn how to loosen up and have fun. Find ways to bring some fun back into the workplace. Set up a meeting with your HR manager and share some ideas on fun workplace activities like the following:

· Lunch and Learns

· Office Trivia

· Improve Workshops

· Cooking Competitions

· Scavenger Hunts

· Escape Rooms

These types of fun activities can improve the workplace atmosphere and build more camaraderie and enhance the team culture.

2. Refrain from Rocking the Boat

You may have been told never to rock the boat and maintain the status quo in the workplace. That’s a good rule to live by to catapult your career to higher heights. However, it’s okay to break this rule.

Now, don’t go starting trouble with coworkers and be obnoxious to everyone. That’s a definite way to get fired. Your boss is not looking for an adult to act like a preschooler having a temper tantrum every day.

Remember that there is a fine line that you cannot cross. There is a positive way to rock the boat and continue to build on the solid foundation that is your career. Consider the following tips on how to rock the boat the right way:

· Be clear and concise when making your points

· Always speak the facts and don’t let emotions sway you

· Be professional and respectful to everyone

· Don’t be rash, but calmly respond to the discussion

· Be open to both positive and negative feedback

· Accept the fact that your request may be denied

You can make a difference for the direction your career is taking—if you always learn how to positively rock the boat—and do it with professionalism.

3. Never Veer Off Course from Your Goals

If you’ve ever heard that you need to make goals in order to succeed, that is true. However, the perspective that you should never veer off course from your goals is not true. It’s okay to break this rule.

Four Career Rules at Mustard Seed Sentinel
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You can change your goals and still move forward in the workplace. Sometimes, changing a goal can be beneficial for your career.

Maybe you thought you wanted an upward move in the company, but instead your goal changed to have a lateral move to a different department on the same employment level.

Consider some of the following steps to take when it’s time to change your goals:

· Accept that changing goals is necessary

· Fine tune your perspective

· It’s okay to feel like you failed

· Allow yourself time to recover

· Create a new goal with action steps

· Gear up for the work ahead

Remember that having to change your goals does not mean that you’re a failure. It means that you are an evolved human being with a desire to succeed and do what’s necessary to have a successful career.

4. Don’t Embrace a Losing Perspective

Sure, you shouldn’t focus on a losing perspective where you think you’ll never succeed. That part of the rule you should follow. However, it is okay to break this rule and associate with people who have a loser mindset.

Just remember to focus on these tips so you don’t succumb to embracing this losing mentality yourself.

· Stay focused on your own goals

· Don’t get distracted by others

· Understand other people’s perspectives

· Encourage people to change their mindset

When you associate with people who have a losing mentality, it can open your eyes to see things in a new light. It can reaffirm that you are on the right pathway and help you feel thankful for blessings you’ve experienced in your career.

Just make sure you have an escape plan in place. You don’t want to get sucked down into the vortex of despair and negatively impact your own career path.

Have you broken any of these rules? Are you happy with the current path your career is on?


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