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Top 5 Reasons Why I Shop at Aldi

by Joanne Troppello

I shopped at Aldi years ago before I was married. At that time, there wasn’t the best selection of products and you were not able to get any health food or specialty items. Times have changed and so has Aldi.

They have evolved in the best way to provide better products at reasonable prices for budget-conscious shoppers.

After I got married 15 years ago, my husband and I joined Costco and shopped twice a week buying products in bulk. We shopped at Giant for other products that we didn’t need in bulk.

However, recently, we couldn’t renew our Costco membership. Their general membership at $60 wasn’t in our budget. So, we decided to check out Aldi since my sister said she’d been shopping there, and we’d love it.

Top 5 Reasons to Shop at Aldi

We took my sister’s advice and started shopping at Aldi. We were not disappointed. Consider the following 5 reasons why we started shopping at Aldi and why you should do it too.

1. Smarter Shopping at Lower Prices

Shop Aldi at Mustard Seed Sentinel

We recently bought Casarecce pasta which means “homemade”.

This bronze cut type of pasta is short pieces of pasta that are twisted and almost rolled up together.

We bought the Priano brand 16 oz (1 lb.) bag that was imported from Italy for only $1.09.

I can assure you that the homemade and other imported items from Italy that we’ve bought at our local Deli, Corropolese Bakery would not cost $1.09. It would definitely cost more.

Now, before I proceed, I should let you know that my husband is Italian. His mother and her family immigrated here from Italy.

She is a great cook and I have been learning some wonderful recipes from her like Minestra (escarole soup) and how to make her family’s recipe for homemade tomato sauce.

Shop Aldi at Mustard Seed Sentinel

I have not found any other sauces in the grocery stores that come close to hers. Although, I found one at Costco and one at Aldi that have come very close to that delicious taste.

We tried the Priano brand pasta and it was delicious.

I have tasted homemade pasta made by my mother-in-law and my husband’s Nonna and this pasta tasted very close to that. I highly recommend it.

Good products at great prices is something Aldi is now known for and I can attest to that.

2. Organic Food at Great Prices

Shop Aldi at Mustard Seed Sentinel

My husband loves chips, pretzels or other snack food when he comes home from work. He calls it his “comfort food”.

We were getting him regular potato chips from Aldi, but I didn’t like him eating it because it wasn’t as healthy a snack as he could be eating.

He saw the Simply Nature Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips when we were shopping one day and picked up a few bags.

He loves them. They are gluten free, verified non-GMO, USDA organic, and made with sea salt. This 11 oz bag was priced at $1.99.

We checked at Trader Joe’s and they didn’t have the same brand, but they have similar tortilla chips available in a 16 oz bag for $3.29.

I’m glad we found comfort food that is healthy and listed for an inexpensive price.

3. Deals with “Aldi Finds”

My husband and I usually go shopping together and we like to walk all the aisles—unless we’re in a hurry—to make sure we don’t miss anything. We started this when we shopped at Costco because they periodically move products around. We also like having the time to shop and getting some walking in too.

You can find some great deals with the “Aldi Finds” which are limited-time offers for savings on various products like food items or household goods. If you want to get notified about the Aldi Finds and their limited-time savings, check their website so you can subscribe to their email list.

You can sign up for the flier to be mailed to your home if you would prefer that instead of receiving emails. For example, one of the Aldi Finds for this week is a Crane Kettle Bell Set for $19.99. (Note: this article was written on 1/4/20)

4. Same Day Delivery

We haven’t yet tried this service, but Aldi is offering same-day delivery when you shop online. This service is powered by Instacart and you can get your groceries delivered in as little as an hour.

There are four Aldi stores within 12-20 miles of our home. When I checked their same day delivery service online and entered my zip code, I was notified that they do not yet have delivery in our area. I signed up to be notified as soon as this service is available in our area.

If you want to use this service, simply go to their website and enter your zip code. You’ll be notified if it is available in your location.

5. The Aldi Difference

Aldi has a “Twice as Nice” guarantee. They want to offer customers the best products and service. With their Twice as Nice guarantee, they will replace the item or refund your money to ensure 100% satisfaction with their store.

You will need to return the product or any unused portion of it in the product packaging to the store manager in order to receive your money back or have the item replaced.

Additionally, you need to present a receipt if you would like your money returned in the original form of payment.

If you do not have a receipt, you will receive an Aldi merchandise credit gift card that is equal to the current retail price of the product that you’ve returned. Check their website to read more about their Return Policy.

With the Aldi Shop differentliTM mission, they strive to deliver a “faster, easier, and smarter way to save money on high-quality groceries.” As I mentioned, I have been an Aldi customer at different times and have seen them change through the years to deliver quality products at a great price.

Visit their website to find out more about their Mission Statement and their trademarked customer services like the following:

  • Aldi Savers – Special savings on savings

  • Twice as Nice Guarantee – Customer satisfaction

  • Quality – Products are same quality as national brands

  • Testing – Products are tested by 1000’s of taste-testers

  • Organic – They are selling more organic products

  • Curated – They are curating products more thoughtfully

  • Award – Aldi has over 400 awards for wines, baby food, etc.

  • Aldi Finds – Limited-time offers on amazing seasonal deals

  • Trends – They sell products that coincide with current trends

  • Customers 1st – Aldi values the customer and puts them first

  • No Compromise – All exclusives are free of synthetic colors

  • Delivery – Aldi now delivers through Instacart online

Do you shop at Aldi? Have you experienced the Aldi difference? We’d love to know about your experiences. Feel free to share about it in the comments section.


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