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Do You Have a Place to Decompress?

Taking the Time to Relax and Reboot Daily

by Joanne Troppello

I learned something new today about crickets. There are Spring Crickets and Fall Crickets. According to Song of Crickets, both crickets “look and sound the same – they are large, black, and round-headed, and their song is the quintessential cricket chirp.” Apparently, both species had been considered to be identical. However, “scientific studies revealed that there are indeed two different species that are morphologically almost identical, but developmentally different – Fall Field Crickets overwinter as eggs and Spring Field Crickets as nymphs.” They also have different life cycles and mating cycles.

Taking Time to Decompress

I took my break time outside and watered the vegetable garden and some other flowers and plants we have outside. Then I cleaned the pollen from the deck chairs and table. When I finished, I sat down in one of the chairs and relaxed, staring out at the field adjoining our back yard.

The gentle breeze rustled through the tall meadow grass. Usually, the person who owns that field mows the grass regularly; especially since he allows the patrons of the racetrack to park there for a fee on race days.

I think it’s actually nice right now to see the tall meadow grass as it rustles in the wind. While I sat outside relaxing on the deck, it was very peaceful as the crickets chirped, birds chirped, and there was mostly a peaceful atmosphere – except for a few cars passing by the main road. I recorded the sounds of nature around me.

Country Life.Crickets and Birds
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“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

According to, decompress means to “relieve or reduce the pressure on something, or to calm down and relax.” It’s so important to take the time to decompress daily to effectively manage your stress levels. If you don’t have the right stress management procedures implemented in your life, you run the risk of developing health issues like heart disease, compromised immune system, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and mental health problems.

If you don’t have that stress management plan in place, check out the following steps you can take.

1. Decompress Daily

You need to make the decision to decompress daily. Yes, your schedule is probably full, and you have so many tasks and family obligations to deal with each day. However, if you don’t relieve that stress daily, you are on your way to a nervous breakdown or severe health issues. Now, I’m not a health care professional, but I am speaking from experience. I have let circumstances and drama in my life (and from those around me) cause me extreme stress.

When I bottled my emotions and didn’t have the right stress management plan in place, I reacted (rather than responded) negatively to those around me. For example, I might snap at someone for no reason, other than that I was stressed by things out of my control, and I was reacting immaturely. Once I recognized this negative behavioral pattern, I was able to get back on track.

2. Find that Relaxation Spot

I like to sit outside on our deck, in all seasons (yes, I bundle up during the colder weather). Thankfully, we’ve moved to a very rural area and have a nice relaxing place to decompress.

You need to find the right place – or activity – for you that will help you decompress. I also do a 30-minute PiYo workout 5-7 times a week. That has been great for improving my physical health for toning muscles etc. However, it has also been helpful for me to relieve stress and refocus for the day. Maybe you like to walk or hike. You might like to read, color, or play games. Take your health seriously and find that relaxation spot or activity that can help you decompress.

3. Dive into the Word

Take time each day to read and study God’s Word. I like to read and study it when I get up each day. At night, my husband and I do devotions together. Whether you’d rather read the Bible in the morning or at night, it’s vital for your spiritual walk – and physical and emotional health – to get God’s Word into your heart and mind each day.

4. Accountability Partner

I highly recommend accountability partners. I have mentioned them many times in other articles here at the magazine because I’ve benefitted greatly from these relationships. Accountability partners can help you stay focused on decompressing as you implement your stress management plan in your life.

Confide in individuals you trust and those who won’t gossip about you. I’ve mentioned this before that my accountability partners are my husband, sister, and mom. They have helped me stay focused on my emotional, physical, and spiritual goals.

“It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye

How do you decompress each day?


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