Diary of a Prodigal Daughter: Turn It for the Good

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Turn It for the Good

by Christine Carter

Change sometimes comes unexpectedly in life, in ways we could never predict, and may not have chosen. And other times change happens slowly and over time, in ways we may not even notice at first. Either way, you can find yourself in a place you didn't expect to be.

From personal experience, I have seen this happen in my own life. The very real truth – that small, seemingly insignificant choices made many times over can change a person in very significant ways. Sometimes even choosing to do nothing is a choice that can change your life.

You may come to a place in life where you feel you are not the same person you used to be. You may wonder how this happened, and feel a little lost and sometimes unrecognizable to your own self, longing for a day when everything still made sense. Sounds like a difficult place to be.

One thing that can comfort me above all else is my faith. The knowledge that God loves me and made me to be who I am. Even in all my brokenness, and despite every trial along the way that has shaped my view of the world.

God does not leave us in our helpless state. He reaches us even in the pit of despair and covers us with His love. He tells us we can start again, and instead of telling us we are too broken to be used for the kingdom of God and His glory, He takes all of the pain we have experienced, and He finds a way to turn it for the Good.

God is in the business of recycling. He will never throw us away. He will never say that we are too far gone. God sees us as perfect through the eyes of a loving father. He cleanses us and renews our spirit. He promises to restore what the locusts have eaten away. He gives us something the moth and rust cannot destroy. He shows us compassionate love, and salvation through the birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection of His son Jesus.

He will restore us and make us new. Maybe not what we once were, or what we have become, but God creates something new, and better, giving beauty for ashes. From Him comes every good thing, and what was meant to destroy you is the very thing God will use to restore you.

During the Easter holiday, as we remember Jesus's death, burial, and resurrection, let us remember that rebirth is possible through Jesus Christ, who gave Himself, that we may ourselves experience hope, and a chance to start over again in new and unexpected ways.


About the Author

Christine Carter is a working mom of a 12-year-old active son Marquis and has been married to her best friend Brent Carter for almost 15 years.

She attends Bethel: the Church at Philadelphia Mills, where she has been attending for almost 12 years.

She is currently a Quality Assurance Specialist at Gate 1 Travel in Fort Washington, PA. She resides in Levittown, PA, where she has lived for most of her life.

She is currently attending John Brown University’s online program where she is working on finishing a Psychology Degree which she began at JBU in NW Arkansas in the 1990s. She expects to graduate in May 2021.

She has always enjoyed writing, and poetry has been her method of choice. She believes that if you have a talent or a gift from God, or a desire to be used for His kingdom, He will make a way. You simply need to be willing.

You can read Christine’s Diary of a Prodigal Daughter column on the 3rd Friday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.