DIY Corner: Making a DIY Craft Box

Making a DIY Craft Box

The Perfect Gift for My Young Nieces

by Joanne Troppello

Last month my nieces turned 6 and 7. They were born one year apart and one day apart. They had a donut themed birthday party. Our budget is tight right now, so I decided to make a do-it-yourself birthday gift for them.

A few weeks ago, my sister had an appointment and asked if could watch the girls for a few hours. One of my nieces asked right away if she could do craft time. As a way to connect with them, I’ve done craft time since they were able to start as little toddlers. I usually bring my craft bag with me to holiday and family events at my mom’s house in case they or my younger nephews wanted to do crafts.

I wrote an article for MSS last year, The Benefits of Craft Time for Children, which shared more on my craft time experiences with my nieces and nephews. Some of the benefits of craft time include:

  • Cultivates Creativity

  • Enhances Motor Skills

  • Improves Academic Skills

  • Augments Critical Thinking

  • Hones Decision Making Skills

  • Facilitates Language Development

DIY Craft Box Idea

Since my nieces love doing crafts, I decided to make them their own craft box with some supplies and items needed for completing specific projects like making cards for others.

I included some envelopes, papers, cut-out hearts, heart stencils, pre-written words on labels, scotch tape, glitter glue, glue, highlighters, yarn, string, and paper bags to make puppets. We made puppets from paper bags in the past and they loved that craft.

During the birthday party, one of my nieces wanted to play on her iPad. My sister had said she could spend a little bit of time on it. However, my niece had forgotten to plug it in to charge—which my sister had been telling them to do when the tablets needed to be charged—so they start learning responsibility. However, my niece had forgotten to charge it. She started to get upset.

I called her over to me and asked if she wanted to check out the craft box and make some crafts. She took a moment to think it over and then said yes. She had fun making some cards for her Mom, Dad, Nanny, and Pop Pop. Shortly after that, my other niece came over to check out her craft box and started making cards as well for two aunts. I told them that when they run out of supplies in their craft box to let me know and I can give them more.

I was happy that this DIY craft box gift idea was a hit with the girls.

Have you ever made any DIY gifts for others? How was the experience and did the person like the gift?


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