Faith & Life: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Personal Praise and Worship Time

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Personal Praise and Worship Time

Read Psalms, Pray Before Worship, and Make a Worship Playlist

by J.M. Troppello

I’ve always enjoyed worshipping God whether at church or during my private worship time. Worship has been a chance for me to get refocused on God and the important things in life. It changes my perspective.

“I need to worship because without it I can forget that I have a big God beside me and live in fear. I need to worship because without it I can forget his calling and begin to live in a spirit of self-preoccupation. I need to worship because without it I lose a sense of wonder and gratitude and plod through life with blinders on. I need worship because my natural tendency is toward self-reliance and stubborn independence.” – John Ortberg

When you spend time in praise and worship each day, you can cultivate a deeper communion with God. It can open your spirit to receive answers to questions you’ve been asking Him. Worshipping can help you to see that He is in control.

Most importantly, praise and worship shows God that you revere Him.

1. Use the Book of Psalms

I’m almost finished reading through the Book of Psalms for my daily devotional and Bible study time. I’ve gotten a lot out of reading the Psalms. I’ve learned the history behind each one by reading the commentary notes in my NKJV Thomas Nelson Study Bible.

You can enhance your personal praise and worship time by starting with reading Psalms of praise. Some well-known praise Psalms include Psalm 47, 92, and 100. Reading those words of praise out loud will give you a chance to tell God how majestic you think He is. It will set you up to experience a deeper worship time because you’ve already opened your mind to reading those words of praise.

2. Pray Before Worshipping

Before you start your praise and worship time, spend some time in prayer. It can be a quick prayer asking God to bless your time with Him. Maybe you need to get some things off your chest and hand them over to God before praising Him. You want to be as open as possible to a move of the Holy Spirit during your praise and worship time. Being open starts with expressing yourself to God with words.

3. Make a Praise & Worship Playlist

I have some great worship songs on CD, but we had to keep them and our CD player in storage right now—since we downsized to a smaller place to live. However, I use the Spotify app to listen to music. I use the free option right now. This is fine since they play music for about 30 minutes and only play a commercial before and after that time.

My husband prefers the Pandora app. Other types of free music apps for Android and iPhone include SoundCloud, Slacker Radio, Amazon Music, and Musify. I’ve tried all of those except for Slacker Radio and Musify.

When you have a playlist ready, it’s easier to streamline your praise and worship time and have a deeper communion with the Lord. If you don’t have a playlist or worship station ready, then you’ll be wasting valuable time trying to decide which songs you want to listen to. Making a playlist also helps you find songs that you know well so you can sing along.

That’s the main point of a personal praise and worship time—to sing to the Lord.

Enhance the Way You Worship

Use the Book of Psalms, pray before worshipping, and make a praise and worship playlist. Those are three simple, yet powerful ways to enhance your personal worship time with the Lord.

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