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Faith & Life: 4 Ways to Prepare Your Spirit for Personal Revival

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Spirit for Personal Revival

Seeking Deeper Communion with God with All Your Heart

by J.M. Troppello

Have you ever had a personal revival in your spiritual life?

I’ve had many ups and downs in my 33-year walk as a Christian. However, during this last year and a half, my spiritual life has flourished. Maybe that happened because the pandemic occurred. It might have happened because of all the turmoil in the world today and life seems more surreal and out of control each day.

I’m not patting myself on the back or judging anyone. I simply wanted to share how my perspective has shifted recently to focus more on God’s Kingdom and less on my own ‘kingdom’ in life.

Personal revival will keep us from being a yo-yo Christian, who is up today then down tomorrow. Up this month, down the next. Up this year, down next year. Which brings a lot of spiritual frustration, dissatisfaction, and guilt that weighs people down.Tesh Njokanma

Consider the following four ways to prepare your spirit for personal revival as you seek a deeper communion with God.

1. Three-Part Being

It’s important to understand that you are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. To fully experience true spiritual revival, you need to embrace all three parts of yourself and feed them with good things.

2. Physical Health

It may seem odd to correlate spiritual health with physical health. I didn’t always see the correlation either. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and not in as good physical shape as I used to be. I’ve recently started focusing on working out each day and trying to feel energized again.

My husband and I have always eaten a healthy, balanced diet. We can’t buy all organic foods. However, we’re on a meal plan where we buy high-quality meat. Our subscription plan includes “100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood.” We try to purchase some organic fruits and vegetables when possible.

Exercising has become a way for me to improve my overall feeling of wellness and feel more energized. Having more energy has enabled me to spend more time in worship, prayer, and Bible reading—and not make excuses because “I’m too tired.”

3. Soul Health

Maintaining optimal health in your soul is vital. Your soul is a combination of your emotions and mind. You need to feed your soul with healthy things. If you don’t, then that can significantly hinder your spiritual growth.

Maybe you’ve been watching too much graphic content on TV. You may have become desensitized to that type of programming. My husband and I have been trying to pay attention to what we watch. We want to make sure we’re not becoming desensitized to negative, and ‘soulfully and spiritually’ unhealthy content on TV, online, and on social media.

4. Spiritual Health

You can prepare your spirit for personal revival by increasing the time that you spend in the Word, praying, and in praise and worship. You can’t expect to grow in your walk with the Lord if you are not spending time with Him.

Just think about your relationship with your spouse or significant other. That relationship won’t grow and flourish unless you spend quality time together.

Seeking Deeper Communion with God

If you want to prepare yourself for personal spiritual revival, you need to take care of your entire self—body, soul, and spirit.

23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it. (I Thess. 5:22-24, NKJV)

You can have a deeper communion with God when you seek Him with your whole heart. This is meant as encouragement. I am a fellow seeker and traveler in this spiritual journey—living out my Christian faith one step at a time.

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