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God is with You

5 Verses from Psalms

by J.M. Troppello

I love reading from the book of Psalms. There is always something that can resonate with you whatever mindset you find yourself in – whether you’re in times of need or in times of praising God.

1. Strength in Time of Trouble

If you’re dealing with tough times today, trust that you’ll find your help and salvation from the Lord. He will be your strength. He will give you the grace, peace, and comfort that you need in time of trouble. “The principal issue here is not regeneration but sanctification—the daily deliverance of God’s people from temptation and evil. The Psalm concludes with the righteous trusting God, like chicks running to the wings of their mother.” (See: Ps. 17:8, 36:7) [Source: TNSB]

But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; He is their strength in the time of trouble. (Psalm 37:39, NKJV)

2. God is Your Hiding Place

Take refuge and hide in the Lord. He will preserve you from trouble. Isn’t it a beautiful word picture that the Psalmist writes God will surround you with songs of deliverance? I love that!

You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah (Psalm 32:7, NKJV)

3. Don’t Give in to Despair

It is so easy to allow despair to rule your life. Don’t give in to it in your life. This is a great verse to memorize. I’ve memorized it and recited it to myself many times when I needed to remind my soul to look to God.

Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; For I shall yet praise Him, The [a]help of my countenance and my God. (Psalm 42:11, NKJV)

4. God Will Revive You

Even when you walk through trouble, God will preserve you. Take heart in that. God will protect you from the wrath of your enemies. You get that refreshing by cultivating your walk with the Lord through daily Bible study and application, prayer, and praise.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me; You will stretch out Your hand Against the wrath of my enemies, And Your right hand will save me. (Psalm 138:7, NKJV)

5. God is Your Refuge

God is your refuge. Hold onto that fact each day. “Refuge speaks of a secure height, something inaccessibly high. David was often outdoors, and he used images from physical geography to describe the wonder of God’s protective care. To know the name of God was the Old Testament equivalent of saving faith in the New Testament. This is a further explanation of God’s name. Since the Lord is God, He cannot abandon those to whom He has bound Himself. He is a faithful God—a God who never gives up on His people.” [Source: TNSB]

The Lord also will be a refuge[a] for the oppressed, A refuge in times of trouble. (Psalm 9:9, NKJV)

Take Heart in the Lord Today

I hope these verses will be an encouragement to you. God is with you. Trust in Him.

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