Faith & Life: Hope in the Lord

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Faith & Life: Hope in the Lord

God is my hope and strength each day

by Joanne Troppello

This year, 2020, has been so surreal and crazy because of the negative impacts upon everyone in the world—mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic. I still can’t believe that it’s November already. This year has sped by and not in a good way. It’s quickly disappeared before my eyes, yet at other times—especially during the lockdowns—it’s dragged on.

I’m not going to get political in this article. I’d rather focus on my hope in the Lord and how God is my strength and hope each day.

I’m writing this article at the beginning of November to be published later on in the month. Today, I received an answer to prayer that I’ve been praying for, for over 10 months. Sure, there are things I’ve been praying for, for even longer than that.

However, this answer to prayer was really special for me. It had to deal with security in our home and I don’t want to divulge more than that, but it brought such a smile to my face. God truly cares about every aspect of our lives—even when it sometimes seems like He doesn’t, or He’s not hearing our cries.

A Second Example of God’s Love

The answer to my prayer request came today (as I’m writing this). However, yesterday, I received another special blessing from the Lord.

Someone I follow on Twitter, and who follows back, randomly shared the following tweet on my timeline yesterday. Ok, so it wasn’t “randomly” shared because I believe God wanted him to share that with me. Those words encouraged me because they confirmed something God had placed on my heart several months ago.

After I tweeted back that his tweet encouraged me, he tweeted the following tweet as further encouragement since the last few days have been difficult because things have been moving more slowly than I “need” them to move—but I am trusting God for His perfect timing.

God is in control. My hope is in the Lord. I know that He wins in the end and I’ll be spending eternity in Heaven with Him. I’m thankful for His grace, peace, and strength that cover my life each day.

Hope Restored

By the Lord

The room is dark,

it almost seems

just like my heart,

all broken dreams.

Scared and alone,

hurt and abused,

I’ve always known

I was accused.

Always the same,

no difference.

Who knows my name,

just pestilence.

Will things improve,

I seem to doubt.

Nothing will move,

stagnant throughout.

Is that a light?

How could it be?

Maybe it might

somehow find me.

I found reprieve,

in Jesus my Lord.

Anger will leave.

I’ll read His Word.

My way to cope

to which I cling,

is to the hope

that Jesus brings.

How can it be?

I’ll never know.

He died for me,

to save my soul.

He fills my life,

as no one could.

He takes out strife,

like no one would.

He cares for me,

as no one does.

He’ll always be,

my one true love.

© Joanne Troppello


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