Faith & Life: How to Become More Vulnerable with God

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How to Become More Vulnerable with God

4 Steps to Enhance Your Walk with the Lord

by J.M. Troppello

For any relationship to grow and thrive, there needs to be vulnerability. This applies to your relationship with God too. God knows your heart. He sees deep inside your soul.

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, But the Lord weighs the hearts. (Proverbs 21:2, NKJV)

If you want to become more vulnerable with God, consider how the following four steps can enhance your walk with the Lord.

1. Take a Cleanse Day

If you want to grow as a Christian and live victoriously, you need to practice the three most important things each day—pray, read the Bible, and praise God. That is essential for growth. However, to become more vulnerable with God, you should take a cleanse day once a week. Focus intently on God on that cleanse day. Try to stay off social media and the internet. Focus on spending time with family and friends.

I’m still working on that one. I try to take a cleanse day on Sundays. I still promote the daily magazine article on social media. Then I try to stay off the platforms the rest of the day. I’m still a work in progress in this area.

2. Start a God Diary

I’ve kept journals since I was 14. I don’t have all of them. Some got messed up when I was a teenager and our basement flooded. I have journaled since through the years. I’ve kept a lot of them. Some of them were journaling about life. Others are thankfulness journals. Some are reserved for taking sermon notes.

However, I’ve recently realized that writing a diary with ‘letters to God’ can help you become more vulnerable in your walk with the Lord. Pour your heart out to God in these entries. Share the deep stuff. Don’t be afraid to be honest.

3. Talk to an Accountability Partner

I’ve shared about accountability partners in many of my articles. That’s how important they can be in your life. Confide in a trusted friend or family member about your walk with the Lord. Saying things out loud can open your eyes to the strengths and weaknesses in your Christian walk.

You can discuss sermons, lessons learned from Bible study or small group, and what you are learning in your personal devotional time. Dig deep and stay open with this person. You can grow together by being vulnerable with each other—and staying open to constructive criticism.

4. Go on a Weekend Retreat

This may not be in everyone’s budget. It’s not in mine right now. However, it’s a good way to really hone in on where you’re at in your walk with the Lord—and where God wants to take you spiritually. Going on a weekend retreat can become a powerful catalyst for significant spiritual growth. Yet, the key is to take what you’ve learned at this retreat and keep living it out each day when you return home.

Focus on a cleanse from social media and the internet. Dig deep into Bible study and application, as well as concentrated prayer and worship time. Stay open to spiritual revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Become More Vulnerable with God

It’s not easy to be vulnerable. Yet, it’s so important for growth in all areas of your life. If you want to make positive and productive changes in your spiritual walk, remember the following four steps and implement them in your life.

  • Take a Cleanse Day

  • Start a God Diary

  • Talk to an Accountability Partner

  • Go on a Weekend Retreat

Change begins with one step in the right direction. The choice is yours to make.

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