Flash Fiction: Truth or Nudge

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Flash Fiction: Truth or Nudge

by Sinmisola Ogúnyinka

“She sent her love.”


“Who do you think?”

Jake raised an eyebrow. “No one.”

“I was at a family wedding you refused to attend because you knew she would be there!” Christal snapped. “And she says I should greet you.”

“She, if I am correct, is your brother’s wife’s sister. She will be at any family event you have.” Jake paused. “So?”

“So, you have a huge crush on her you have been unable to shake for five years! And you know it! And she knows it!” She yelled. “And she flaunts it in your face and in mine.” She threw up her hands in the air. “How dare she?”

Jake knew best not to respond or return to the financial magazine he had been reading before Christal breezed in, still dressed in the elegant gold dress she wore to her nephew’s wedding. He knew best to pretend she had his full attention, yet he dared not glare at her.

“Will you say nothing? Jacob Carlton Brent! I married you when you were nothing. When you had nothing, and this is how you will repay me? You have a crush on my brother’s wife’s sister! Admit it!” She pushed his shoulder first. Then his head. “Say something!”

“She is married and has been for almost as long as we have been, Christal. I never met her until five years ago, but she’s been in your family for at least twenty years…”

“Stop that crap! You met her when her sister, my useless brother’s wife, asked you to finance her flimsy fashion projects!”

“And you said I could not, and I didn’t!” Jake heaved. “What is wrong with you?” He stopped before he would lose his temper.

“What is wrong with me is that you sat at home instead of being at the wedding just to avoid her. What is wrong with me is that she had the audacity to ask after you and my kids!”

“What is wrong with you is that you are a selfish, mean-hearted, jealous woman who cannot stand another woman’s success. Yes, she had a fabulous promising career and you are just…just a…” Jake stood. “Excuse me.”

He would have to push her out of his way if she didn’t move away. Christal stood her ground.

“I am just a woman of love, who has given an undeserving bastard twenty-three years of my life!”

“Thank you. A very nice thing for a good Christian woman to say to her husband.” He sighed. “Excuse me, Christal.”

“You want to go into your room and mourn the fact that you didn’t see her today? Should I tell you what she wore? A beautiful red dress with all her curves…”

Jake pushed her aside and stomped off.

“I will never let you off this hook until you admit you still have a crush on her.” She yelled, and then broke into loud sobs, designed to wake the children.

Previously when they had this same argument, Jake would plead with her, and appease her. But not today. Today, he indeed, wanted to nurse the grief in his heart. The young woman in question could have made a break in her fashion business if he had helped her. The truth that she still had to work two odd jobs and put her dreams aside continued to haunt him. Christal was delusional, but should he continue to bear this burden because of her jealousy?

“Mom! Are you okay?”

Jake closed his eyes. Christal had succeeded in waking the kids but he didn’t feel generous today. Let her enjoy her show.

He picked up his phone and sent a text to her.

Hi. Christal told me you asked after me and the kids. Sorry I missed the wedding because of business. Send me your account details. I’d like to set up a fund for your fashion line. Be discreet with this as I have once warned you. Cheers, J. Brent.



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About the Author

Sinmisola Ogúnyinka is a pastor’s wife, mother, writer and movie producer, and the published author of Under a Red Delta Sun and Blue Dawn. She has a bachelor’s in Economics, an MFA in Creative Writing and is a Craftsman of Jerry B. Jenkins’ former Christian Writers’ Guild. She lives with her family in Philadelphia, PA.

You can connect with Sinmisola on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter.

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