Glory and Grace: Wake Up

Wake Up

by Chrissy Kay

Living with, and having multiple illnesses is not easy. Then add to it being a military wife, mom, and owner of a business, and boy does it all get tiring.

I had signed up to be a vendor at an event at Ft. Eustis this weekend. I looked forward to being there until it came time to wake up. My alarm rang at 5 am and my first thought was to turn it off and go back to sleep. Thankfully, my very next thoughts would later end up shaping my day in a way I didn’t expect.

“Thank you, God, for waking me up today” is what came to my mind next (this should have been FIRST!!!), and I got up.

Achy, tired, and cranky, I got up. Since my husband often travels to events with me and was driving that day, I decided to read my morning Bible reading and devotional, in the car.

‘How to satisfy your soul’, and ‘Seek God day and night’ were both titles in the devotional I went on to read. I said a prayer afterward, asking God to lead me to someone to bless that day.

We arrived at the base and began setting up in our spot, which I had verified was the correct location, based on a confirmation email I had received.

Upon getting halfway set up, the host came over to make me aware that I was in the incorrect location. I showed her my confirmation email which had me in that spot, and she graciously allowed me to remain there.

I don’t think either of us knew what happened, or why we had different information, but that spot is exactly where I was supposed to be.

Later in the day, I started speaking with a vendor who was set up on the backside of where my set up was. She asked about my story and I went on to tell her. Then she said some words I once spoke and I quickly realized, she is who God sent me to bless.

She mentioned she had recently been thinking about going back to church and felt like something was just missing in her life. It was from that moment that I realized what my true job was that day.

God had placed me in the wrong location to be in the exact right place, at the right time.

I even made a new friend. I can’t wait to see all the blessings coming soon into her life.

I’m thankful for waking up, that day, and every day, and for the great opportunity to do what I am supposed to be doing—according to God’s word, and His will. I can’t think of a better job anywhere.


About the Author

Chrissy Kay is the owner and founder of Glory and Grace Silks. Her background includes 12 years in the Housing and Property Management Industry, including: writing budgets, auditing financials, and maintaining residential occupancy when working onsite.

The hands-on learning she received during that time was invaluable knowledge which prepared her for the business aspect of owning and running her own company.

Today she spends her time designing and painting silk scarves, and art, and managing all aspects of her company.

Connect with Chrissy on her website and on Facebook.

You can read Chrissy’s column on the 2nd Tuesday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.

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