Guest Post: Pandemic Possibilities for Women

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Pandemic Possibilities for Women

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many women to lose their jobs or take reduced hours to care for their families. Many more suffered intense financial losses of other varieties. In short, the pandemic was disastrous for many, but especially women around the world. But the pandemic has also introduced new possibilities, especially for women who want to earn money online. Let's take a look at some of those opportunities in detail. Start Passive Income Streams For starters, you can always pursue passive income streams to make extra money. Passive income streams involve setting up ways so that you earn money automatically with minimum effort. Some passive income ideas include: ● Starting a blogging network for ads ● Using affiliate marketing to earn a commission for purchased products ● Starting a podcast ● Teaching and then selling online courses ● Selling stock photos online Start a Business! Of course, the pandemic may also be the best opportunity to start your own business. You can make a business doing practically anything these days, including: ● Selling handmade products ● Selling your services or expertise ● Working as a freelance writer, editor, web designer, and more There may be no better time to start an online business and make money solely through this venture than right now. Should you decide to start your own business, consider what business structure it’ll have. An LLC is an ideal business structure for online businesses or small ventures due to its flexibility, tax benefits, and more. Each state has its own requirements for new LLCs, however, so keep this in mind when creating your company. Of course, you’ll also need to market any self-owned business effectively. Consider partnering with a web designer or graphic designer to create an effective digital marketing campaign. While digital marketing will be crucial to your business’s success, don’t neglect more traditional marketing methods. For example, a business card makes a lasting impression and gives potential customers something tangible to remember you by. A free online business card design tool allows you to customize your own business cards by utilizing ready-made templates. Get a Degree Going back to school for a new degree or for an advanced credential could allow you to make more money later down the road. Fortunately, affordable online degrees are more accessible than ever whether you want a business degree to start your own business or a degree in your current field. Some of the most potentially profitable online degrees include marketing degrees, MBA degrees, and more. Make Side-Income Online Aside from starting a business, you might also make money online through side income jobs or side hustles. Side hustles are great if you expect to return to your regular career as the pandemic winds down or if you just need to make a little extra money in the short term to pay bills. Side income ideas you can fulfill online include: ● Answering surveys ● Teaching English or other subjects online ● Becoming a transcriptionist ● Selling photos ● Working as a freelance writer, editor, web designer, and more Side income ideas, in some cases, even bloom into self-owned businesses or primary income sources. The Future is Brighter than Ever! Ultimately, women have many options they can pursue if they need to earn more money and stabilize their income streams throughout the pandemic. Keep your head up no matter what you decide to pursue – you might find your next career or your dream job during this time and be happier in the long run! Visit the Mustard Seed Sentinel for timely information and news on current events, arts, literature, entertainment, and more!


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