Hacking Life: Your Life Matters—Don’t Give Up Hope

Your Life Matters—Don’t Give Up Hope

by Melodie Haas

How do I overcome the moment when the thoughts come on to kill myself?

You're not worth it, nobody loves you, this pain will never end.

I look for hope. Jesus never told us our life was going to be easy. He did die for us and it was one of the cruelest death's ever. But when those suicidal thoughts come on, I'm not thinking rationally.

Suicide Checklist

I have a suicide checklist which is basically a listing of what’s important in my life. This checklist makes me realize what's important to me and helps me refocus. To me, my dog is so important to me. Being single with no kids of my own, I realize that nobody is going to take care of Jasmine the way I take care of her.

Find something or someone that makes you realize life is worth living.

Prayer Works

I also ask a couple of my friends to pray for me and with me during these times. When these thoughts come, I am so angry or depressed at the time—so I am hoping their faith will get me through. You don't need to tell your friends exactly what is going on. Just tell them you need prayer.

Suicide Helpline

I call the suicide help line – which I did last week. It’s not only for those contemplating suicide, but also for those who are feeling overwhelmed. If I am feeling overwhelmed, I can call. Each time I call I feel like someone is listening and acknowledges the pain I am going through.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Since I am a veteran, I call the number and then listen to the prompts. They are available 24 hours every day. The statistics for veterans are that 22 veterans commit suicide a day.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Veterans

Texting from your phone or chatting online is also available. I feel embarrassed that I have these thoughts, so being anonymous helps me. I have found that calling has helped me the best. Reaching out is the first step.

Text 741741

You can make your own check list. Find out what makes you able to stop the thoughts. That will give you hope for a moment. That moment of hope helps me get to the next hour or day.

About the Author

Melodie Haas is a retired Veteran who loves Jesus. She is attending Liberty University online MAIS.

She writes a blog about finding savings or hacks.

You can connect with her online at her blog or on Twitter.

You can read Melodie’s “Hacking Life” column on the 2nd Friday each month here at Mustard Seed Sentinel.

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