Healthy Living: Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water Each Day

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water Each Day

by Joanne Troppello

Our bodies are made up of 60 percent water and our blood is comprised of 90 percent water. Are you drinking enough water each day to stay healthy and hydrated? Many people do not drink enough water daily.

Interesting Facts on Drinking Water

· You can increase the chances of weight loss by drinking water and not soda

· Your skin is more susceptible to wrinkling and skin disease when dehydrated

· Many bodily functions/organs need water to function properly like kidneys

Benefits of Drinking Water Each Day

If you haven’t yet started drinking enough water each day, you may want to start now. Consider the following top 7 reasons to stay hydrated each day with water.

1. Oxygenation in the Body

As mentioned, your blood contains more than 90 percent water. Your blood is important in fighting various infections and is responsible for carrying hormones throughout the body.

Carbon dioxide and waste is carried to the digestive system, kidneys, and lungs through the blood so that it can be removed from your body. So, to ensure proper oxygenation and waste removal in your body, stay hydrated.

2. Enhances Skin Health

Most people want to maintain healthy skin that looks beautiful and has fewer wrinkles. People spend millions of dollars each year on the newest skin care cream for this very purpose.

Now, drinking water won’t be a fountain of youth and keep your skin young forever. However, it can be extremely helpful in reducing premature wrinkles and improving your skin’s defenses against various disorders.

3. Joint Lubrication

Cartilage is an important strong connective tissue that is found in joints between your ankles, elbows, knees, and discs of the spine. It is a softer tissue than bone, but firm and important in connecting bones together. The cartilage found in these various areas contains up to 80 percent water.

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You may be experiencing joint pain due to decreased shock-absorbing ability if you are dehydrated. So, make sure you drink enough water each day.

4. Maintains Cleaner Mouth

Who doesn’t want a clean mouth and decreased tooth decay? You can decrease the chances of tooth decay and keep your mouth cleaner when you drink water instead of sweetened drinks like sweet tea or soda.

Mucus and saliva are formed from water in our bodies. Additionally, your eyes, nose, and mouth will be less dry if you drink more water each day.

5. Healthy Digestion and Excretion

Saliva is important in helping our bodies digest food. Dehydration can cause constipation, stomach ulcers, and heartburn as well. Waste from your body is flushed when you sweat, urinate, and have bowel movements.

Fluid in the body is regulated by the kidneys. Your body can develop kidney stones if you are not drinking enough water. So, keep your digestive system healthy and drink a lot of water each day.

6. Healthy Brain Function

Maintaining healthy brain function is important to the overall health of your body. Brain structure is responsible for neurotransmitter and hormone production.

Drinking water each day is effective in providing a cushion for the spinal cord, brain, and other important sensitive tissues. If you are dehydrated for long periods of time, that can cause issues with cognition and reasoning.

7. Nutrient Absorption

Your body needs the right amounts of minerals and nutrients for proper bodily functions. You can get these important nutrients from healthy foods and taking organic vitamins. You need to drink enough water each day for the minerals and nutrients to properly dissolve in water so that they effectively make it to all areas in your body.


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