Holiday Corner: Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Christmas at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

A special gift this Christmas season

by Joanne Troppello

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love how this holiday is celebrated generally the day after Thanksgiving and throughout the month of December. I’ve always loved decorating the Christmas tree with my family the day after Thanksgiving and simply enjoying the “magic” of the Christmas season.

However, THE REASON for the season is Jesus being born and then dying on the cross for our sins—bringing us to a right relationship with God and giving us the gift of eternity in Heaven.

That hope is what makes the Christmas season so special to me during the actual holiday time AND throughout the entire year. As a Christian, my hope and strength each day is in the Lord. He is what gets me through each day.

A special gift

My husband and I have endured some difficult times in the last few years. You can read more about our story dealing with sickness from mold exposure and how moving next door to my sister changed my life.

Christmas at Mustard Seed Sentinel

During this time, around five years, we haven’t been able to have a Christmas tree in our place due to having moved twice—into a small condo, and then small apartment.

A few years after we got married, we moved from the duplex in Philadelphia that my husband and his father owned, into our first home. It was a large town home, and we had a big open family room with enough space for a beautiful Christmas tree.

A few years after that, due to financial difficulty, we had to sell the townhome and moved into the condo that we rented.

Then we dealt with mold exposure. Now we’re in a healthy and clean rental and live next door to my sister.

The place is small, and we still can’t fit our large tree there and didn’t have extra money to spend to buy a smaller tree that would fit well in the space. The day after Thanksgiving this year, we went with my sister, her two young daughters, my parents, and my sister’s mother-in-law and her boyfriend to a local tree lighting. I had never gone to one before and it was a very nice experience. Afterwards, we went to my sister’s house to help her and the girls decorate their tree. She had invited my husband and me to help them last year and both times it was special because we’ve missed decorating a tree for all these years.

I had kept a few Christmas decorations out of storage to set up in our apartment and condo before that the last few years, but that was still not the same as setting up a tree.

Christmas at Mustard Seed Sentinel

While decorating at my sister’s place, my mom offered to give us one of her smaller Christmas trees that came with lights and had some ornaments on it already. That was such a huge blessing!

We usually listen to Christmas music and have hot chocolate while decorating the tree. My husband and I were going to do that on Sunday after my parents dropped the tree off. Then my sister and her girls stopped by and helped us add a few more ornaments on and set up my favorite Christmas animals and present boxes under the tree. Having them there to help was another special moment.

God is good. That was such a special blessing. Thank you to my parents for the special gift of this tree! Thank you to my sister and her girls for sharing their tree decorating time with us twice and for coming over to help us too!

Have you ever been given a special gift that truly touched your heart?


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