I Never Heard That: The Brilliance of the Electoral College and Its Vital Importance to Our Republic

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The Brilliance of the Electoral College and Its Vital Importance to Our Republic

by Pamela J. Adams

As we head towards the 2020 election, many on the left contend the Founders would not have wanted the Electoral College to work this way it did in 2016. They insist the Electoral College was never meant to trump the popular vote. Therefore, radicals in state legislatures are trying to circumvent it with new laws giving their electoral votes to the popular vote winner, not who their citizens voted for. However, a quick review of the Electoral College proves how brilliant the Founders really were.

Logically, if the Founders wanted the popular vote to determine the president, then they would have never implemented the Electoral College in the first place.

There is no other purpose for it except to give smaller or less populated states an influence in the presidency. They deliberately designed the Electoral College to purposely avoid a “mob rules” situation. Otherwise presidential elections would not be fair to all states.

At the time of the Constitutional Convention, only 13 established colonies existed. They recognized that as new states entered the union, they would not possess the population of the already settled states. Nevertheless, their citizens still deserved a voice regarding the presidency. They also acknowledged that a few large cities could out populate entire territories, granting them enormous power over the total rest of the country.

In fact, in the beginning state legislators in several states, such as New York, represented the citizens and decided who received their state's electoral votes, not the citizens directly.

Therefore, it is obvious our federal elections were never meant to be popular vote.

Despite accusations by those on the left, the 2016 Presidential Election concluded exactly the way the Founders designed it. If the outcome produced the exact opposite results, the left would be praising the Founders and the Electoral College instead of protesting them.

Resounding chants of Hillary’s fair and square victory would resonate in the streets and the media. Instead, activists are signing petitions, asking state legislatures to join the National Popular Vote (NPV) movement. Since the Constitution gives states the ability to determine how their electors are chosen, they do have that right. However, if the NVP laws succeed, it will devastate our country and allow a few large cities to rule the rest.

Whenever the left is in the minority, they cry that the right must kowtow to their agenda. They lecture the right about its responsibility to pander and have sympathy towards those not in power.

However, during the times the left holds power, they claim a mandate. They brush aside any opposition from the right as whining and is in no way tolerated. The left contends they always champion for the minority until they are in the majority.

Ironically, their minority argument is exactly why the Founding Fathers designed the Electoral College. Yet, because it did not go their way three years ago, the left wants it disbanded for good.

The 2016 county election map shows an overwhelmingly red country.

2016 Select County Map

A close examination of several solidly blue states reveals they are actually predominately red as well. Even California is only half blue. On the other hand, most others, including New York, Illinois, and Virginia, contain almost all red counties.

The Founders understood that big cities gather larger amounts of people than rural areas. But that doesn't mean that New York City, Chicago, Miami, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles should be able to tell the rest of America how they should live.

Coal miners, oil rig workers, dairy farmers, ranchers and truck drivers don’t want New York and California Climate Change liberals controlling their livelihood, and they shouldn't have to. We are 50 united, but separate, states, not one large state. The NPV removes the borders between the states, taking away state independence and freedom.

The Electoral College gives a voice to minority states that would otherwise be irrelevant. It makes sure that those with smaller populations still have a say in who governs them. If not, presidential candidates could easily focus on a handful of cities in a few states. The rest of the country would be inconsequential. Add that to the three million illegal alien votes cast in 2016 and other voter fraud, and a Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton wins every single time.

Maybe if liberals would step out of their safe spaces for a moment, they could learn that we don’t live in a democracy. We’ve never been one and I pray to the Good Lord we never are one.

After completing the Constitution, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin, "What have you given us?" He responded, "A Republic, if you can keep it!" More specifically, America is a Constitutional Republic. Just as the Pledge of Allegiance says:

“And to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”

There is a good reason America does not govern by mob rules. Look at who the mob is: Antifa, Women's March, Black Lives Matter, Hollywood, the Main Stream Media, and the like.

If the 2016 results had gone the exact opposite way, so would the news. People would be paid to dance in the streets instead of protest. Their demonstrations prove they don't want every voice heard. The wishes of those who live in the heartland of America, pretty much all flyover country, is meaningless to them. In fact, the NPV laws ensure those citizens' votes are ignored where the Electoral College guarantees they are counted. So much for liberal compassion, tolerance, inclusiveness, and fairness.

Don't let the left silence smaller states. Don't let the left destroy our republic. It is time conservative Americans, who normally are too busy working to protest, stay vigilant, stand up, and demand their states listen to their voices. The future of our republic depends on it!!

But that's just my 2 cents.


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