I Never Heard That: The Nazis’ Rise to Power and Their Tactics Being Used in America Right Now

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The Nazis’ Rise to Power and Their Tactics Being Used in America Right Now

by Pamela J. Adams

In the 1920’s, the German Communist Party and the National Socialist German Worker’s (Nazi) Party were two sides of the same coin. To gain power, the Nazi party had to convince the German people the Communists were evil and extremists. The man to do it was Adolf Hilter. He used anger, hatred, and disinformation to turn the Germans against Communism while at the same time hiding the atrocities of Nazism.

In January 1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor where he immediately began labeling Communists as terrorists. This is quite rich coming from the man that would execute 6 million Jews within the next decade.

Hitler was able to get Hermann Goering appointed Nazi President of the Reichstag, or German National Parliament. Goering was already in command of Hitler’s Nazi SA men, or “Storm Troopers, throughout Prussia. After receiving the title of Interior Minister of Prussia, Goering used his position to assemble a massive police force.

On February 22, Goering appointed fifty-thousand of his SA men as secret state police, known as the “Gestapo.” Two days later Goering raided the Communist headquarters. Putting his own propaganda in motion, Goering falsely accused the communists of inciting a revolution. He claimed to find evidence of literature encouraging an armed rebellion, including attacks on public buildings. The stage was set.

This gave Goering the cover he needed when the Reichstag building suspiciously caught fire just days later. He immediately sent his Storm Troopers out to arrest over four thousand carefully pre-selected Communist leaders and Reichstag deputies, as well as other political opponents, that night. These prisoners were mercilessly beaten and tortured in the SA barracks.

Goering alleged the fire was supposed to be the signal for the Communist revolt. Under the guise of protecting the people, the Nazis promptly imposed the “Decree for the Protection of People and State Against Communist Acts of Violence Endangering the State,” which basically striped the German people of all their rights. This began the Nazis’ all out assault on free thought, free speech, free worship, free-living and just plain freedom.

Marinus van der Lubbe, an unemployed Dutch construction worker, was arrested for the Reichstag fire, of which he supposedly confessed starting. Also arrested were one leading German communist and three Bulgarian communists, who were all put on trial. Nazi propaganda fueled by this incident, allowed Hitler and his party to quickly lie, deceive and scare their way into power.

Due to lack of evidence, all but van der Lubbe were acquitted of this crime, which infuriated Hitler. He quickly instituted the “People’s Court” on May 2, 1934. This court was given jurisdiction over any “political offenses” committed against the Third Reich. Even crimes such as “black marketeering, work slowdowns, defeatism, and treason” were included in the broad scope of transgressions against Hitler and the Nazis. Most offenders were severely punished, which on numerous occasions included the death penalty.

Under Chief Judge of the People's Court, Roland Freisler, the courts were nothing but a sham. Assumed guilty before the trial even started, the defendant was never given the chance to prove his innocence. Neither the prosecutor nor defense attorney usually spoke either. The judge would typically do the questioning, along with berating and humiliating the accused, before handing down the pre-determined guilty verdict without any evidence or testimony ever given.

While the courts started under the guise of prosecuting political crimes, within five years all criminal acts were sent to the “People’s Court”. By 1940, the court was also responsible for all minor offenses with the death penalty the punishment of choice regardless of the severity of crime.

For years, we sat here in America, shaking our heads, proclaiming, “That will NEVER happen here.” Yet the release of documents last week proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Obama Administration did to America what Hitler did to Germany. Corrupt FBI agents set up General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, and used a DNC/Hillary Clinton Campaign funded fake Russian dossier to attack President Donald Trump. For three and a half years, Democrats, with the willing participation and help of the Main Stream Media, have pushed unbelievable lies upon the American people. They illegally targeted and prosecuted Flynn and called “Reichstag fire” after blackmailing him into admitting he lied.

Like it or not, we are living in the 1930’s Nazi Germany right now. It should be no surprise that the party that has proudly embraced socialism has also adopted the unconscionable practices of the Nazis, or National Socialists. With everything to lose, the Democrat Party is digging in hard and deep to keep their power, never letting a crisis go to waste.

Several years ago, Democrats started demanding people be punished for not bowing to Climate Change. The people pushed back, realizing it is a manipulated “crisis”. Today, they have been given the perfect storm. Knowing people will respond to imminent threats, they are using a world-wide pandemic to achieve their goals, using the cover of saving lives right now.

As the German’s stripped their citizens of their rights under the guise of protection from the Communist rival, dictatorial Democrat governors and mayors are doing the exact same thing under the appearance of safety from COVID-19. Like the Nazis, they are hoping to use this crisis to scare the American people away from Trump and towards Joe Biden while stripping Americans of their Constitutional rights. It is all about getting power back, making Trump and his supporters the enemy.

With Social Media run by leftists, they are invoking their own “People’s Courts” with content, restricting and censoring everything that reveals or even questions anything that threatens their agenda. Meanwhile, out of control government officials are harassing and arresting business owners just trying to go back to work, churches just trying to worship, and citizens just daring to question what is happening.

First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Martin Niemöller, German Pastor

It is time to stand up, America, and face this evil. We don’t have the excuse of ignorance. We have seen this before. The left has their Storm Troopers and they are already using the media, government officials and social media to target their political opponents. We cannot afford to sit quietly by as our countrymen are dragged to the “People’s Court”, suppressed into silence and financial ruin.

Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights were specifically written to protect us from such governmental tyranny. It is time “We the People” stand up and protect the Constitution and the Bill or Rights.

But that’s just my 2 cents.

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