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Stepping Out in Faith

Even When You’re Uncomfortable or Afraid

by Joanne Troppello

Today was overcast and the forecast called for rain and possibly thunderstorms. I checked the AccuWeather app on my phone to see when the rain would start. I love their updated app that gives up to the minute reports so I knew the rain would start in about 16 minutes.

Cicadas at Mustard Seed Sentinel

I walked to our front door and opened it. I didn’t open the screen door when I saw several bugs clinging to the screens. I looked up and saw them hanging on the underside of the roof over our deck too. I took some photos and flicked the screen with my finger, but they didn’t fly off. I looked closer and saw big creepy eyes staring back at me.

Right away, I thought, maybe these are the cicadas. I’d seen photos of them, but these looked a bit different. I did a quick Google search. They looked a bit like the Tettigarctidae, a/k/a Hairy Cicadas, a small relict family of primitive cicadas. I’m not sure which type they were, but that’s not the point. It was gross to see them out there.

This situation reminded me of the Lanternflies that were everywhere in our area a few years ago.

At that time, we were still living in our condo. Those “planthoppers” (not technically flies, even though their name is Lanternfly) were all over our front door and the parking lot and seemed like a plague of locusts like in the Bible.

Overcoming Your Fear

I do not like bugs or any type of creepy, crawly things or flying insects. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen some of my posts about my nemesis, the Wolf Spiders that were overtaking our place when we moved in nearly two years ago. Thankfully, my husband works for a pest control company and his boss allows employees to use the pest control at home. That situation is now under control.

Cicadas at Mustard Seed Sentinel

Back to the Cicadas invading my sanctuary (deck) where I love to sit outside and read. I decided to go out our back door since there were no Cicadas hanging out there. I went to check the mail and inspect the vegetable garden, which wouldn’t need to be watered today because the rain was on the way.

I stopped next door to see if my sister or her girls were there to see if they wanted to check out the Cicadas. My sister was still working and, on a call, but my niece unlocked the door and let me in. I told her about the Cicadas and then my other niece came in the room, interested in what was going on.

I had also just seen a deer run across their front yard, into my yard, and to the adjacent field. It stood there for a few minutes then headed back and across the street and into the woods. My niece asked if I’d taken a photo, but I hadn’t had the time to get outside before it ran away – AND the Cicadas were hindering my exit!

So, the girls wanted to come explore the Cicada situation on my deck. I texted my sister to let her know they were coming next door. My youngest niece didn’t want to come too close and wanted to go back soon, but my older niece was quite interested and stayed for a bit.

“If you go around being afraid, you’re never going to enjoy life. You have only one chance, so you’ve got to have fun.” – Lindsey Vonn

This situation taught me a lesson that if something makes me feel afraid or uncomfortable, I should step out in faith and get out of my comfort zone.

Now, this may seem silly, but I didn’t want to open that screen door because I had an irrational fear that the Cicadas were going to fly up in my face etc. However, when I went out the back door, walked up the deck stairs, and investigated the situation with my niece (even though we both thought it was gross and scary), we shared a special moment together and realized it wasn’t as scary as we’d thought.

I brought my niece back next door and made sure she locked the front door. I checked the AccuWeather app and had about 2 minutes before the rain would start, so I checked the garden again. My sister’s call ended, and she came outside with her daughter. We walked back up the stairs so she could see the Cicadas, then talked for a few minutes as the rain started at a drizzle.

“I think sometimes that people think brave means not being afraid, which of course it doesn’t mean that at all. It means that you’re afraid, but you move past that and do it anyway, do what you think is right.” – Craig Ferguson

Have you ever had to step out in faith or step outside your comfort zone?


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