Inspiration Corner: When Your Perceptions Don’t Meet Reality

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When Your Perceptions Don’t Meet Reality

Learning to Cope with Stress and How God’s Peace Passes Understanding

by Joanne Troppello

“Stress is the body and mind’s response to any pressure that disrupts their normal balance. It occurs when our perceptions of events don’t meet our expectations and we don’t manage our reaction to the disappointment.” – Don Colbert, M.D. (Deadly Emotions)

I don’t usually read fiction books more than once. However, there are some non-fiction books that are so powerful that I have read them multiple times. One of those books is Deadly Emotions: Understand the Mind – Body – Spirit Connection that Can Heal or Destroy You by Don Colbert M.D.

One of the main reasons I started to read this book again is because it makes a big correlation between how stress can negatively impact your health. In the last few weeks, I have been allowing a particular situation to stress me out. It’s not my issue, but I was empathizing with this family member and allowing that situation to cause me undue stress.

I kept going with my daily routine of spending time in prayer and reading my Bible, exercising, working, doing the normal household duties, etc. However, those circumstances were causing me to lose focus.

God always steps in when I lose focus.

That’s when God stepped in and gave a word to me and this family member—through another family member. It was unexpected, but so timely, and it’s helped me to get refocused on God and experience His peace. The situation hasn’t changed yet, but I know God is making a way where there seems to be no way.

The word for me:

If you breathe with Me, sit with Me and just breathe, it’ll start to fall into place. Find that quiet place where you feel only peace, and sit with Me. And get ready for the big things to come, because they are coming, my child. I want you to be prepared, like My bride so when the time is right, you will have perfect peace and will know in your heart it is time. I will show you the path. But for now, breath in Me and sit with Me. Let my peace surround you and consume you.

The word for my family member:

Have courage and stand strong, even in uncertainty, for even when you don’t know the answers, rest assured that I do. And in due time, I will reveal to you what the future holds as it unfolds. For now, trust Me. Trust Me. Blindly. That’s all I ask. And it will carry you through.

Both those words are so powerful. Be at peace. Stay at rest. Trust in the Lord. Know that He’s got this, and He has a plan. He is working things out behind the scenes.

I know this is a more personal message, which seems like a lot of my columns have been lately. However, I felt that I should share these messages. I hope you can be encouraged today to know that God loves you too and has a plan for your life. Things may seem crazy for you right now, but rest in His peace which passes all understanding.

Has anything from God’s Word been resonating with you lately?


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