JM’s Journal: Embracing the Special Moments

Two young girls sitting on a deck with their ipads

Embracing the Special Moments

Staying Open to God’s Surprises

by J.M. Troppello

A few days ago, I opened the blinds on my kitchen window and saw that our neighbor had erected a big white tent. I figured they were probably going to have a wedding or other type of reception event. The field is adjacent to our yard, so I could see everything from the kitchen window. I had to close the blinds because the sun was reflecting so brightly off of the white tent just like it does when there is snow in the field.

The wedding was the next day. I saw from my window that the guests had arrived. I went next door and asked my sister and her girls if they wanted to come over to quietly watch the wedding from my deck—which had the perfect view of the wedding.

They agreed and we quickly got back and sat down to watch. The girls were so excited to see the wedding happen. They had their iPads with them and were taking pictures of the event and even recorded it.

Embracing Special Moments

It was nice to see the girls so excited to watch the ceremony. Afterward, I offered to let the girls stay at my place for a bit and have a snack. Shortly after that, we went back outside to watch some of the festivities from the reception.

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit weird to be ‘uninvited guests’ from afar, but my deck and yard were literally right next to their area.