Jo’s Journal: Dealing with a Three-Day Extreme Heatwave

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Dealing with a Three-Day Extreme Heatwave

God is Good Even When Times are Difficult

by Joanne Troppello

A heatwave has been melting everything in our area for the last three days. Ok, so not literally melting, but it’s been excruciatingly hot! Usually, when I check the vegetable plants in our garden, the soil is still a bit moist from the previous day that I watered it or if it had rained recently.

However, for the last three days (even though I’ve gone out to water the garden in the late afternoon after the sun is on the other side of the house), I’ve checked the soil and it is dry as a bone. The soil near our raspberry plant was actually cracked in some places like I’ve seen in photos of the desert etc.

My husband works for a pest control company, and he drives to about 10-18 customer’s homes per day. He does pest control in their homes and outside their homes. He is usually at each customer for about 25 minutes. Much of that time is spent outside.

With the heatwave the last few days, that’s a lot of time spending outside in the heat! He has two 24 oz thermoses that I fill with water and add two packets of propel to it. He also has a 1-gallon thermos filled with water that he brings. So, he drinks enough water as usual in the summer months—and more especially during this heatwave.

Throughout this heatwave, we’ve been in the high 90’s and even got up to 100 degrees yesterday. I just checked my AccuWeather app, and it says that thunderstorms should be starting in about 50 minutes. Hopefully, that cools things down a bit. Thankfully, we’ll be down to the 80’s tomorrow and in the 70’s for the three days after that.

How heavenly! I mean that sincerely. I know it’s summer, but we’ve been dealing with unusually high heat for the last few days in our area.

My husband joked today when he called me during his break time. He said, “Man is it hot out here. I can only imagine how hot hell feels, way hotter than this, and I’m glad I’m not going there!”

Finding Comfort Through the Heat

We live in an apartment in an old schoolhouse (from the early 1800's) that was restored. However, they never added central air. So, we bought two standing a/c units and have several fans in our place to keep it cool.

I told my husband the other day that I’d rather deal with the cold and snow than this extreme heat. He agreed. My sister on the other hand is someone who hates the cold and would rather deal with the heat.

I am very thankful that God blessed us with extra money in our budget last year to get the standing a/c units. I’m also grateful for my husband’s foresight to get two units when I thought one would be fine for our small apartment.

My time outside has been limited during this heatwave. I go outside to water the garden and sit in a chair on the deck to read for a bit. However, I have been worried about my husband and his coworkers who have to be outside in this heat. I’ve been praying extra hard for all of them this week.

For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, But My kindness shall not depart from you, Nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,” Says the Lord, who has mercy on you. – Isaiah 54:10 (NKJV)

I saw this verse today and it resonated with me and the heatwave we’ve been dealing with. God is good all the time—whether times are good or times are bad. He is always faithful and will give you the grace, peace, and strength to make it through all circumstances you need to deal with.

I love how the verse says that nor shall My covenant of peace be removed. This statement is made by the Lord who has mercy on you. PEACE and MERCY, two things that are intangible yet so real in my life. They help me make it beyond the difficulties and rest in the infinite possibilities for my life when I allow God to lead me.

Have you had to endure any heat waves recently or any difficulties, that God has given you mercy and peace to get you through them?


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